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I think this article ties in very well with the current “modest dress” movement among young feminists, as well as Muslim women who state that wearing the hijab is a form of empowerment. Taking ownership of how much you want the world to “see” you, and how much work they have to put in to get to know the real you. The more unavailable your physical form is, the more effort others have to put in to find out who you are. OMG, they might even have to treat you as a *gasp* person!

I prefer to dress modestly, and I am very happy with my choice. I have found a balance of being seen/unseen that is comfortable for me. It is not a moral judgement, and I in no way project my standards onto women who chose other forms of clothing. I just find it very interesting to observe how society, both men and women, react to others in regards to dress choices.

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