In a word. Noh is the Elusive thing, transparent, round one.
Even been chosen thousands of tens of thousands of words at the same time, it is one that does not say enough. 
Art is endlessly thing that way all, but it can be fully represented small bowl one even enough to put in one hand. Noh also is also a harmonious representatives although not of that endlessly.
Transparent round thing, — there is nothing it can be said that the center is to it. You can not find a single point in the middle.
In other words, that without center thing can be said to take any center of portion there.
It has finished in countless point of that ways.The Points can be found in the infinite. As well as a noh also look at the whole, not impossible in others than the very ability of one “type of noh” of a place that is a very small part.
If I do going to say such things, where do may begin, where to be done, it will no longer know. Like the butterflies flying around the beautiful flowers, to leave in doubt the heart, there is no other than writing.

— -Masako Shirasu.

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