The Hungry

She enjoyed spending time with him, though he didn’t know the truth about her. She liked that after two years, he still treated her their friendship like a jewel worth polishing. She was learning to trust herself around men through trusting him.
Her heart swelled when he agreed to go to the amusement park. Her first time on the roller coasters gave a mix of terror and joy. The threat of death swirled together with so much life brought her close to ecstasy each time. She could not stop smiling.
The day ended with funnel cakes and cotton candy. Bloated by excitement and sugar, she knew that in this skin or any other, she had never felt happier. 
On the ride home, he leaned into her with a grin. She smiled back, blissfully. Proud to have made good friends with a wonderful human male. Right until the moment he shoves her head into his. 
The creation of a kiss when there was no space for one hits her with the force of an exploding train. She pushes him back. Didn’t they agree they were just friends? He says he is tired of the games. He needs more. His hands have become demanding, grabbing at what he wants.
She growls, tells him to leave her alone. Says, “It’s me.” She’s not scared, just angry at his change. He’s become someone else within the space of the car. Someone who feels he is entitled to her body. Someone she’s never met.
He rips at her shirt. Shouting to be freed, she hits his nose hard with her elbow. Blood gushes from his wound and he yells at her, calling her names meant to hurt. He won’t listen to her no’s, only the yes he hears pulsing within his own head. 
His hands are now around her throat. He wanted her, but now he wants her silent. With her last breath, she whispers, “Don’t”.
In the car, he sits, wondering. Minutes pass, and he thinks of places to leave her body. He doesn’t realize that beside him, she is slowly coming back to life. Her heart has started beating again, faster, stronger. He took away one life. But she has many.
She wakes up screaming, gasping for air. She sends him into a fright.
“You were dead!” He yells. She cackles and looks through him. This stupid man dared take from her. Her body. One of her precious lives. Did she really once think he was worth spending time with? Didn’t her mother teach her not to play with her food?
“I’m not dead anymore.” She says with a smile. “But I am hungry.” She opens her mouth up wide and just as she had with all the other stupid boys, begins to eat him alive.

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