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In order to start your journey with astrology, it is important to differentiate between Vedic and Western astrology. Here are some differences between the two:

- Vedic astrology focuses on the Moon in a sign along with the Ascendant (Lagna) for the calculations, unlike Western astrology that focuses on the…

New Year is just around the corner and we all tend to expect something new and exciting. The Year of 2022 according to Chinese astrology is the year of the blue tiger, the color which derives from the element of water. This year is a long-awaited year of change.


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The answer is simple, they are not personalized. First of all, the horoscopes that we tend to read every day are created by the editing team of various magazines who at times have no knowledge of astrology at all. It tends to be crafted more as a matter of fun…


A team of mobile app developers and real Nepalese astrologers. Horoscope + Astrology app gives access to true Vedic gurus, who make personalized predictions

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