Prompt #1
Janice Pang

My car is a 2001 Honda Civic, 27mpg, over 250,000 miles driven, and I don’t think it lives up to the standards of the function complex Dr. Papanek envisioned anymore, if ever.

It was probably built in an assembly line in Japan, and considering that this is an older car I’m talking about, the process is what someone would think a auto assembly plant would be like. And all the waste and environmental damage that goes with it.

For the intent of my car being my main mode of transportation, yes it does work; but, it can break down any day now.

It’s white. It’s compact. It has bug guts that will never come off. But seriously, the exterior and interior are meant to portray the style of a family car.

In a sense, my car is in the middle ground of young enough to work but old enough to be obsolete. Considering that it’s the byproduct of generations that cared about the finished product but disregarded the process and the consequences, my car’s creation and usage were and are environmental hazards.

I commute 40 minutes each way, everyday so the need is real.

This car has been in my family since I was eight. I remember the day we bought it.

Bonus Round:
I found out that my partner’s main mode of transportation is his bike because he cares about the weight of the backpack and that it doesn’t wear him down when going long distances. And that he cares about durability and capability because he uses it daily and expects it to protect his laptop and other devices.

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