Explore your personal boundaries and live without limits.

One of my favorite movies in the world is “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper. Excellent movie for a few reasons, one of which its that it helped legitimize his acting career as an A-list actor after coming off the possibility of being type cast from his movies “The Hangover” series but that's an entirely different thing altogether.

What it does though is explore the ideas of organization involved with cognitive development. I got to see a direct correlation between being organized in your mind and having your act or your energy together on a grand scale. Order is key. In order to explore the hidden depths f your mind you have to get organized. Now to organize ones mind is definitely not a simple task especially in today’s world. We are fed so many tiny bits of information that the brain over eats, engorges itself and becomes like a five hundred pound man. It lugs all this un needed weight around all of these thoughts all of these worries are constantly eating at your brain and causes it to over operate. causing your disorderly thought process to become even more of a burden. An un organized mind is a hell in and of itself so how do you get organized? How do you then explore personal boundaries? How to live with no limits?

The film suggests that in order to get all of these elements of life together that one needs to be “Smarter”, however if you’ll notice in the film, the main character never really becomes smarter, he gains clarity. and is able to apply his clarity with razor sharp focus and you certainly don’t need a drug to become focused or clear, you need practice. The thing that focuses the brain to become focused the most in the life is purpose, either immediate of grand. Some large over riding purpose that extends beyond the present moment.

I would tell you to live today. Live every day. Make life into your drug, your medicine, your cure. You must become clear that all you need is right there in front of you isnt it?

I don’t want to make this a mindless article full of fluffy sentences and vague understandings. I want you to become perfectly clear on what I am saying here to you and to myself. Find something, one thing that makes you feel absolutely alive, that makes you feel something, anything and do it. It might be something difficult like writing, like what I am doing right now, but you know what? After writing three brain farts and part of a short story yesterday I woke up differently. The air around me was charged, I haven't been sleepy all day and I have been itching waiting to get back to this keyboard. Not because it was easy to do a combined 3 hours of writing yesterday but because the payoff was worth it. Because even though dragging these words out of myself is a different kind of agony, I AM STILL WRITING off the high from yesterday. I have always wanted write like this and I’m doing it right now so do it right now.

First understand that your mind will always emulate your environment so start with your room. Clean it up. Ass whatever order is needed, break out the label maker if you have to but create order right there in front of you. Create order in every aspect of your life. If you have friends (Real friends) organize your friendships. Schedule a weekly friend date day with your closest pal and stick to it. If you don't have friends you need some. Here’s my guide to making friends on the internet, it’s super easy ok?

Make a list of priorities on a sheet of paper, no more than 5. Write them down and whatever is on the #1 spot, do the fuck out of it for 24 hours. I say 24 hours because before you do this exercise it's doubtful that even you know what is most important to you so if after 24 hours you want to arrange that list then change it and start over for 48 hours . Whatever you are avoiding or putting off do it right now. What you are seeking is to reconnect with your purpose.

Special message to “Millennials”: The thing you are here to do does not have a job title yet or a job description. No one is paying 60,000 rubles per year for it, it does not have a name and you can't even go to school for it yet. You have to define it. You have to build the schools you have to make the course you have to make the way and those old fogeys will try to tell you that you are unrealistic but you know what its like to live in new age slavery and i promise you don’t have to got back. You can put your faith in one possibility, that the thing you are building is valuable and if it isn't yet valuable to others, make it so valuable to YOU that everyone will wan whatever it is in their personal lives

Are you alive?

I have a complex social math problem that is hard to describe. I'm trying to ascribe a value to true life by the base standard of death. Now of course someone is bound to say that you can't evaluate the value of such abstract concepts but I beg to differ because it is clear that in this world, death and dying are immensely valuable but it’s difficult to say what the subsequent value are of life and living .

As I work on this complex problem the question I am here to ask you is “Are you living?”

Is Smartness of value?

What good are brains if you don’t know what to do with them? Are you really smart if you can do complex math problems but you never pay or keep track of your taxes? What is the dollar for dollar value of a person's IQ? The point I'm trying to make here is that you don't have to be smart to get things accomplished theres different kinds of intelligence find yours. Humanity is complex. Get into it.

Pushing your personal boundaries testing your personal best on a daily basis is truly all that matters in this life because nobody and I mean nobody can do what you do better than you. I am encouraging you to find out what that is and maybe you’ll find it by reading this and maybe you won't

ok I’m running on fumes for this one and I intend to keep writing until I literally cannot. Luckily something else will strike me in about 15 minutes

To sum up the feeling i had when I started writing this even bringing it back to limitless is summed up in what is quietly one of the greatest quotes ever coined from a hollywood film

“The Limit does not exist” __Mean Girls

You spend your life bending to limits set by other people who were too afraid to open up their personal boundaries themselves. The amount of intense bravery and courage that it takes to be yourself in today's world is uncommon. Luckily you are uncommon and I hope to Life and all love that you can understand at least that, I love you more than you will ever know


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