So, You've got mental constipation. What to do what to do. If you were to look at a diagram of your mental colon you would puke. Wht the fuck have you done to yourself? Well I guess I’ll briefly explain a few ways this could have happened to you and how to cure the problem.

Mental Constipation, much like the other kind of constipation is a description of a symtom, not a problem, involving your body’s inability to eliminate waste. Your body was made to gather nutrients and to expunge anyhting that is gathers that isn’t nutritous. Well, you as an artist have a special kind of brain. Your mind gathers to itself all the nutrients of daily life and your chosen form of expression or “art” for lack of a better word, is in fact your waste priduct. and much the same way that taking ashit feels good, it feels good to eliminate the wasteful parts or debris form yur life via a chosen medium. But you havent been eliminating. What the fuck have you been doing?

Now theres several reasons you could possibly have sopped eliminating:

1. You hate your work: Everybody does pussy, grow the fuck up

2. Youre afraid: Everybody is pussy, grow up

3. You broke both your legs and all of your fingers: Sounds like youve gotta pick a new form of expressin. Pick some shit thats still works and use that, I bet yur mout works fine

Now I don’t want to be too much of a hard ass so I’ll offer a little bit of flowery language to help you start the eliminationg process again before you die from cmpacted mentla bowels.

“Fear is the mind killer”__ Bene Gesserit Litany against fear

Mankind developed several tools along the way to us dominating the known world. One of them was fear. It was a useful tool for men who danced on the razor sharp edge of life and death on a day to day asis. A good daily dosage of fear used to be the difference between life and a very painful death for many people on the planet. Chances are however, that if you are reading this, you live in a place where you have largely escaped the need to be afraid. Artists who freexe up at the canvas or stare at the blank page for hours at a time paralyzed are afraid of one thing and one thing only; Themselves. They are afraid to see the person they have become, they afraid to become the person they see, fear based reasoning will always invent some new seasoning or flavoring to your particular fear but the main thing you are afraid of is PAIN. The human animal has a fear of pain and the animal inside of us will do almost anything ANYTHING to avoid even minor pain, sio I’ll tell you what personal trainers and Body Builders are all aware of and want to teach you but you refuse to listen. Its simple


Pain is a gift from the gods. It is one of the only true indicators that we have that something is happening or that we are getting anywhere. In the body, pain is informative. It tells us that our receptors are functioning, it tells us where we might be injured and when we are building muscle mass, where to keep applying pressure to get any sort of positive relief. As an artist you must endure one of the most excruciating pains of all, the pain of self examination. Examining your inner self is painful because you have to see with your own eyes that which others avoid until their dying day; that you are imperfect. That you make mistakes. That you may be mediocre. That your mom may have been wrong about you, You are not a special snowflake, you are not good enough to be president some day and that you may fail. There is only one remedy. You must fixate your mind on doing your best in all your endeavors. You must set personal limits for the amount of torture you are willing to put yourself through (Say 5–10 minutes tops) and just like the gymnast who keeps falling, you must get up and try again. You are adding value to the world. Keep doing your part, keep improving and you will carve out your space in this world.

“Writing in English is the most ingenious torture ever devised for sins committed in previous lives” — James Joyce

To hate ones work is natural. Everyone does. As soon as you make something you want desperately to shove it back up into your mental womb and leave it there, hoping no one else saw how horrible it was. The creative process is so torturous that you can easily become distrustful of anyone who says that they enjoy it. To be a creator can easily mean that you are constantly in a hell of your own making. Well, join the club. Few things can help you get over the feeling that your work is shit besides the greatest artists in the world feeling like their work is absolute shit. And they do. All of them. It is the boon of the creator.You look up to other people s work so much that your work wil never match up to the “Greats” who have become far greater in YOUR minds eye than they can ever be in their own. This is the nature of humanity at this time, we look for greatness externally, easily passing over the greatness within us. To allay this misbegotten concept which has caused your constipation you must realize a simple truth, That is is ok that your work is shit. Simply becasue when you present your full honest self in your work, you by just that action aone, have bettered the world. This is the purpose of creative work, to make things better. By purging oneself, you put on display to the world their own self image so that they too may feel purged by your purging. You eliminate FOR the world, which they are too afraid to do for themselves. and how can you cause this eliminationg if you bottle up all of your work inside yourself and no one gets to see it but you?

3. I can no longer do my work. You pansy ass peice of shit, you dont get to quit. Its your job to produce creative wrk and your life will not be ok nor will you ever reach alignmentn nor will that nagging feeling ever leave you until you get back to work. You will feel empty and you will die a meaningless early death if you dont get back to work. Art is not a seperate set of gifts given willy nilly to each of us, it a manifestation of divine cretive enrgy manifesting the sourcd of life that is within all of US! So if youre good at pinting you can dance as wel, pr sculpt or sing, there are an endless amount of ways you can apply your creative energy. Very rarely are you allotted only one creative outlet. If you cannot practice one, find another and if you cant do THAT then write. Most everybdy can write adn if you cant write DICTATE. Figure it out

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