Hello World

Hello, my name is Yoel Rolas Simanjuntak. I am currently working as Full Stack Application Developer in a multinational company. I have been undergoing this job position for more than 2 years since I graduated from my diploma (Amd) degree from Del Institute of Technology in Computer Engineering major. Since I graduated from college, this is my third workplace after I left my first workplace in IT solution company (which I cannot mention here), and my second workplace in a company called “Home” (or usually called freelancer :p). So, now I am still being a Full Stack Application Developer, but in different company. My current company is a multinational company group which is engaged in agribusiness section, and my job description is to develop and maintain application for company’s operational needs.

This is my handsome me :p

So, that’s a piece of my profile and job story. Anyway, this is my first writing on this site. That’s why I entitle this writing as “Hello World” — a common greetings used when an IT engineer starts something new in their programming life (programmer should be familiar with this :p). I challenge myself to start writing because I want to write something new rather than code lines that I usually write in my workday and also share it to everybody.

I think that’s quite enough for introducing part, sorry for my bad english and writing comprehension. I hope you like my story and maybe I’ll see you soon on my next writing. EOF