Hello Medium, NPM & Story reports

2017 was one of my most fun years, at least when it comes to attending concerts, events and taking selfies with celebrates and talented humans, like: Youssra El Hawary🇪🇬 and being mentioned in her Thank You backers video, JadaL founder/guitarist🇯🇴, Injy Abou El So’oud🇪🇬, Marwan Younis🇪🇬, Doaa el-Adl🇪🇬, the last concert of Mashrou’ Leila🇱🇧 in Cairo and getting an Open-Source ticket to the great Stephen Hawking talk at WebSummit’17🇵🇹

Video editing was not my thing and I am not (yet) used to upload social media stories but with all these fortunate events happening, I was dragged the mainstream. It started first with just cropping, then resizing clips to fit into mobile screens till I came across the masterpiece github snippet which uses stdout to pass screenshots from PhantomJS, a headless web browser to FFMPEG, an open-source video editing tool; a two world bridge 👌

Later on, I was playing around with video streams; Facebook live streaming my webcam with an overlay of Mashrou’ Leila’s Roman MV with its hijabi model playing behind me and an audio stream of the opening minute of Tekken: The Motion Picture 1998… guess that was when I thought there is more to live!

Earlier this year, on my birthday night, I registered my very first NPM package, h5recorder (actually I used it to post a real story after the Social Media Day) . It mainly wraps the whole stdout piping hack into a node module that can be used either as a standalone command line tool or as a dependency in a node project.

StoryReport, h5recorder based web interface, it comes with some pre-defined value I usually use and 4 simple webpages; Left-Title (YouTube/mobile-friendly), Transition, Subtitle & a Blank page. Due to lack of space on Heroku free tier plan, users are asked for their Google Drive access; here’s a 4 min video tutorial (and its output).

What’s next?… well, I have no idea for the moment but if you have one and/or if any of these does ring bells: music, coffee, WebRTC, RMTP; 🎧 Come and have a drink with me and/or more realistically, follow me!

Finally, I would like to dedicate the last paragraph of my first post to promote one of emerging Jordanian influencer that has been some kind of inspiration to me; Salam Katanani🇯🇴, check her latest video report (glad to see her collaborating w the Jordanian Tourism Board); Is she into chromakeys/ green screens too?