Yoga Burn System 5-Pose Yoga Routine To Help With Back Pain

In our modern world, sedentary habits and poor lifestyle choices have led to record high numbers of back pain cases. If you’re struggling with this condition yourself, yoga can help you find the relief you seek visit The Yoga Burn System reviews

Below is a simple five-pose yoga routine that concentrates on stretching the muscles of your lower back as well as your hips and hamstrings. Give this easy workout a try whenever your back is troubling you.

1) Marjariasana (Cat-Cow)

This easy pose should be your go-to for instant back pain relief. If you have time for only one back exercise, this makes an excellent choice.

Start by kneeling on your hands and knees with your arms and thighs vertical. Inhale slowly and lift your tailbone into the “cow” part of the pose. You should keep your belly loose and let your abdomen sag. On your exhale, arch your back, pull your belly in, and tuck your chin into your chest. This is the “cat” part of the exercise.

Repeat this sequence five to 10 times. Spend some extra time in the “cow” pose if you need to loosen your lower back muscles more.

2) Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)

Downward facing dog is a classic pose used in many yoga traditions and it targets a number of muscles that contribute to back pain. Examples include the extensors and the hamstrings.

From a kneeling position, start to straighten your legs and raise your tailbone. Take your elbows off the floor and aim for a triangular shape. Try to keep your spine straight and push your feet flat to the ground. Bend your knees if you’re finding the pose difficult to hold.

Stay in downward facing dog for 10 deep breaths before proceeding to the next pose in the routine.

3) Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose loosens your hips and improves the flexibility of your lower back. Muscles you’ll be stretching here include the hip rotators and flexors and the iliopsoas.

Starting out in downward facing dog, bend your right knee up towards your right arm. Tuck your foot in towards the side and lower it to the floor along with your body. Shift your left leg so that it’s in full contact with the floor from the top of your foot up to your thigh. Push your hands forward to support you and keep your torso slightly elevated.

Hold the pigeon pose for 15 breaths. Go back into downward facing dog and repeat the pose using your other leg.

4) Standing Forward Bend

This is another pose that’s excellent for your legs and hamstrings. It helps loosen up the back muscles as well.

Start in downward facing dog again. Walk your feet towards your hands and stand up with your feet planted directly under your hips. Bend down and bring your belly into contact with your thighs if you can. Keep your knees bent a little. You can either let your arms hang freely or tuck them behind your calves. Keep your head and neck loose.

Hold the bend for 15 breaths before moving on to the final pose.

5) Supine Twist

This calming pose will make your spine more flexible if you practice it regularly.

Lower yourself gently to the floor and lie on your back. Bring your knees up to your chest and wrap your arms around them. Then swivel your hips to bring your legs down on your right side, making full contact with the floor and keeping your left leg on top. Spread your arms out perpendicular to your body, keeping your shoulders flat.

Hold the twist for 5 breaths before bringing your legs up and switching to the other side.

This is an easy routine to master, and if you make a regular habit of it, you’ll find that your back gives you far fewer complaints than it did before.

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