Your mind is here to serve the life within you

Unpleasantness is happening to you in the form of anger, fear, anxiety and stress, because your basis functions — your body, your mind, your emotions and your life energies — are doing their own thing as if they don’t belong to you. Your mind and body are here to serve the life within you. But right now, the life within you is enslaved to your mind and body. This is a complete distortion of the way life should function.

These words, from a well-known yogi, capture the fundamental perception of many humans around the globe — that their ‘feelings/mind’ is something they cannot control, and responsibility to control this is not in them. Many clients who seek therapy feel the same– out of control, feeling that their ‘feelings/emotions/mind controls them at times. However, the key to getting unstuck and back in control is to understand what else is being said in these words of wisdom — “Mind and body is here to serve the life within you”. What this means is that the life within us/consciousness has the capacity to help us by being in control of the mind. But, how do we get this mind under the control of the ‘self’? The philosophy behind this, and techniques associated with it, are enumerated in many ancient Sanskrit books. Yoga-Mind Psychology is a set of techniques/tools to help strengthen the mind, simply because yoga by itself is a set of tools designed to lead individuals toward well-being. Unlike the widely held belief about yoga being a set of physical poses, the truth is that yoga is a system, a philosophy. In the premier treatise on yoga — the Yoga Sutras, there is in-depth explanation of the functioning of the human body and mind, followed by what are popularly known as ‘8 limbs of yoga’. This knowledge, in totality, provides a comprehensive set of tools to help strengthen daily living and to help individuals to gain control over their lives.

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