5 health issues that are affecting you at work

Waking up with fuzz brain

Do you wake up foggy, groggy and mentally fatigued. Many times this has more to do with digestion and diet than anything else. Eating refined grains or sugar right before bed or as your last meal can cause a slow start to the morning.

Cut the habit by eating a lighter meal at the end of the day and leave out the refined grains (bread, pasta, cereal, pizza). If you need a snack, try fruit!

Fighting congestion at work

If it’s not due to an actual cold or seasonal allergies, it could be related to a dairy intolerance.

Try cutting out dairy for 2 weeks and see if it clears up. Other possible causes: could be a sign that the filters in the HVAC system need to be changed. Make sure your HVAC system is regularly cleaned and maintained and that filters are changed every 1–2 months.


Can be caused by mold (many buildings are moldy unless they were built with healthy building principles and are LEED certified.) Bad lighting, poor ergonomics, and offgassing fumes from new carpet or furniture are other possible causes.

Try improving ventilation and call a mold specialist to test.

Energy drops around 11 am and 3 pm

Most likely caused by a drop in blood sugar. Eating only carbohydrates (bagel, muffin, pancakes) provides a quick source of energy with a spike in blood sugar, but quickly drops, causing a crash in energy.

Make sure you are eating breakfast and it includes protein.

Weight Gain

can be depressing and make you tired. While its very common to gain weight at a desk job, it more often stems from poor dietary choices rather than purely being sedentary.

Cut back on sugary foods and carb-y snacks and opt for eating actual meals of whole foods. Your will feel less like snacking and have more sustainable energy for the day.

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