Journal day 029

Almost a month since she said she done with this relationship. Day by day past and left me with an agreement in my mind that she did say that on purpose. In this case, what she said was what she meant.

Me currently join in her team for her project. Well the project is not stated yet but the main idea is making a breakthrough that can minimize the gap between fraction in our campus. Great, I admit it, yet I still cannot see this as thing that I agree to. Well subjective speaking, I know.

Back to business. I do not know how she feels but I start to believe that we are not going back to that part again, we part. We are a subject that I think is going to be harder to used today and days after. My fault. I know.

I love her. Or maybe if that is too cliche, I really like her. I do make this relationship my way. Well, I tried really hard to make it that way. Yet days past and I think it is not working, even it starts to be dull and not happy for both of us.

I really feel guilty because, once again, I am the one who state that this is not gonna work for us. I said that because I am frustrated with our relation. She already said she was done trying and I stated my consent about that and I am the fool because did that. I know tha I still want her to be with me yet I let her go for the fourth time. Stupid right?

I do not know whether this is sad story or not. At the beginning of this post, I want to express it but I do not know, it just stuck in my mind and makes this story quite hollow

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