Journal day 071

2 months passed already! Everything starts to be normal again I guess. I start to think that she is my colleague and that’s it. Well maybe not that bold but yeah, that feels right for now.

And you know what? I think I start to like someone else ☺ for my own sake I guess. I need some to lean on. At least someone to talk to when I feel alone. Been with someone for about 4 years makes me feel weird when no one talk to me about anything. Even random chat.

I hope this is not only because I feel lonely. I hope this time me and she are really become friends. Maybe best friends but only friend.

I hope this is last time I talk about it and that’s why I will stop this series. I will try to open new chapter of my life though in this part is not about her anymore. Maybe about me. Maybe about someone else..

Because in the end, everyone wants to be happy.

For me, mine, and my self only.

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