Know About Bikram Yoga: What Is It And Who Can Start It

Bikram Yoga: To trace the antiquity of Hot Yoga, we would have to name the paradigm as ‘Panchgani Tapas’, having begun with a naked sadhu who had ropelike strands of hair formed by matting or braiding of hair and having renounced all worldly pleasures and desires for asceticism. He remained seated in the extreme heat of the sun, surrounded by fire. Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga was started as a modern version of the concept mentioned before, by Bikram Choudhury, who was absorbed with fascination and curiosity on noticing his Yoga students in Japan, take saunas during their lunch time break. It was then when Bikram began trying new methods of Hot Yoga. So, the first heated yoga studio has its history written and engraved somewhere in the lanes of Japan in 1970s. In the initial stages, he had started with a room temperature of 28 degree Celsius, which has now been increased to 40 degrees. Very soon, he realized that the more people sweat, the more they exert themselves in the workout. So, now Bikram Yoga takes place in various heated Yoga studios with 90 minute sessions during which 26 postures are repeated twice.

Yoga Room

Yoga teachers (Professeurs de yoga) : Bikram Yoga teachers Professeurs de yoga, have all been trained to teach the 26 postures which would detoxify your body and strengthen your muscles and joints, and also are beneficial for weight loss plans. These teachers will go by these tips to make sure, you get a significant amount of benefit from the classes. The few tips which would be given are:

  • They will make sure that you lie down in shava shan position for minimum 1 minute after the session.
  • They will make sure that you keep yourself sufficiently hydrated, both before the session and after the session.
  • They will teach you to be calm and patient because it is not an easy form of yoga, even for beginners.

Yoga class (Cours de yoga): The benefit of doing Hot Yoga is not only constrained to visible weight loss, but it also helps in maintaining flexibility of your body. Yoga class (Cours de yoga) will demand a lot from you, patience, willingness to sacrifice and rigorous training session, but you can be assured that these will only be beneficial for you in the long run.

Yoga center (Centre de yoga) : Bikram Yoga Centre has branches in most of the cities of India, covering both southern and northern parts. They are also present in abroad, like L.A.

Yoga Studio: If interested, you too can open a Bikram Yoga Studio near your place to share the techniques which made you healthy. Few steps that are to be followed are:

  • Get certification.
  • It isn’t cheap, the franchise. So be ready to invest in your future.
  • Find a space that can attract a certain number of following of students and their friends.