Five Things to Look for Before Buying a Yoga Mat Online in India

Necessity is the mother of all inventions and the yogis of olden times suffered the lack of good quality mats that are comfy, cushy, durable, and storable, all at the same time. That is why, they invented many different types and sizes of mats to suit all needs and preferences. Yogis, over the course of time, have learnt the importance of buying a good quality yoga mat and have started to invest in this precious tool.

One can find yoga mat online in India and can have it delivered to their doorstep. Although, yoga mat’s online shopping can be confusing, as without the physical touch it is difficult to gauge the quality and the durability of the same. With the help of below mentioned pointers, we can find buying yoga mat online in India can be a simplified task, which saves both time and money.


It is important to know what goes in the mat because the material defines texture, thickness, width, stickiness, and other important factors. Most of the available yoga mats online in India are made up of PVC or Vinyl material, which is also the oldest of the material used in manufacturing this yogic accessory. Some of the other materials available online are cotton, jute, recycled rubber, or even organic cotton. These materials define the lifetime of the product as well as their maintenance, therefore, look into this part thoroughly.

Thickness and Stickiness

Both thickness and stickiness are pivotal points that decide whether to buy the product or not. The width or thickness narrates how comfortable your joints and muscles will feel while you are performing the poses, whereas the stickiness defines how your grip will be in poses like Downward Dog Pose or Peacock Pose, where it is all about the grip and the hold. Therefore, while buying yoga mat online in India, opt for mats with 1/6th or 1/4th thickness and note that a PVC mat is the stickiest of the lot.


Many mats these days come with the additional attribute of being water resistant. During a rigorous Ashtanga Yoga practice you will find your balance or flow breaking due to sweating or spilling of water drank in the middle of the practice. If you will buy a water resistant yoga mat from online shopping in India, these petty problems and issues will cease to exist. The grip will be better and the chances of skidding will be equal to zero.


The weight of a mat is defined by its material and thickness, but if you are a traveler and love to take your practice with you wherever you go, it is important to carry a lightweight mat. Yoga Mat’s Online shopping in India offers mat of all weights and sizes. If you feel that your regular practice requires a thicker mat, it is advised to invest in two different mats with varying weights. A lightweight mat will be less thick and the material will also be lighter to aid in portability.


With the advent of different colors and designs of yoga mat online in India, the practitioners are basking in different choices. Removing the problem of choosing from a blue or purple mat, you can now have mats in colors like orange, red, pink, yellow, white, or green. Also, the designs like alignment cues or Surya Namaskar poses printed on the mat, it allows yogis to maintain a better form or implement the right poses during their practice.

All these above mentioned points are important if you buying yoga mat online in India and if you do not like it, you can simply return it.

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