Running ain’t easy

I first started ‘running’ in my early twenties. And when when I say I started running, I mean I would jog for about 15 minutes and think the entire time “I can’t do this, I can’t do this”. And then I’d give up, sweating and feeling like a failure.

I did that a handful of times for several years until I met enough people (most especially my wife) who inspired me to get back out there and try again.

They say running is 50% physical and 50% mental

It’s completely true. Firstly, you need to breathe well and consistently enough to get oxygen to your limbs so you can move. Then you have to will those limbs into movement! … Which is the especially hard part. But luckily we live in a technologically advanced age and can build up that motivation by cheating… or at least distracting yourself.

Rock My Run
I don’t how I’d be able to run for an hour or more without the RockMyRun app. It plays continuous mixes at a set BPM or to your pace. I highly recommend it.

Pounding pavement
I can’t remember who said this to me but someone once told me for them, running was like ‘pounding pavement’. I immediately hated that phrase because of the negative connotations, but I totally understand it. And sometimes, honestly, it does feel like that. So when it does, it helps flip the switch and think of running more like dancing. And the best thing to dance to is some rocking beats.

An extra kilometer here. An extra kilometer there.
Strap that phone to your arm and build your mental (and physical) stamina with with music.

However far you run, be happy with your progress.

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