Are You Ready To Market Your Business? Want more clients? Try The Social Media Sites

There are multiple benefits of Social Media Marketing. Social media can be a place to stay in touch with friends and market your products and grow your business exponentially. No longer are these sites reserved for idle match making or watching funny videos or just increasing visibility or brand awareness or just networking or game playing or ; when used effectively for marketing purposes they can really really boost business by more inbound traffic, inflow of clients, major boost in customer loyalty & Customer satisfaction which leads to brand building & better awareness, real Brand Authority. Over the course of this article, you can pick up excellent advice on how to get the most out of the marketing efforts you devote to social media.

Why am I telling you all this about brand building on social media? because the stats & research has found that more people follow brands than they follow celebrities. This is the most interesting & cost effective way to reach out to most of the world population. Don’t just post the same posts & tweets over and over if you advertise your business on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Vary your content to help create excitement and interest. Be sure to Post & tweet tips and helpful suggestions to help promote your business. Mixing these posts & articles & stories with the business promotions can help your followers remain interested with your posts, articles, stories & tweets.

Do you do your research? you may not have tools, time, and resources to do the right research for your business, to find out what your competition is doing, where & how are they getting their revenue, traffic, engagements, clients. If you do not we can help. Having the right market insights about your business, trends, customers, their opinions, their demands, their voice. What’s the best way to find out? you guessed it right, knowing their demands & thoughts by directly talking to them. We can use several tools available these days to gain valuable marketplace insights. We can even monitor activity on your profile to know customer’s opinions and activities & interests that you would not know without social media marketing.

Do you run a blog? Do you run Surveys? Promotions? Effective engaging campaigns? If not try and start some thing that relates to you and your brand. If you already do so, the button that allows you to share, retweet should be near the top of all your posts. This makes it easier for people to talk about your blog on Twitter. It raises your potential audience dramatically. Do not over stress about what to blog and how to engage etc, just take it as a simple friendly conversation and keep the friendship going just as you would with your friends. Eventually it will take its turn, just get started and start using it. There are paid services available, we can also post blogs and initial content for your business and then you keep the engagement going on your end or we can do it for you too.

Invite all of your friends to your social media pages. They don’t even have to be potential customers to help you attract potential customers. The first step you want to take is actual network building. Go for the gusto! With that easy, open and friendly attitude eventually you will be able to pull in more traffic, clients and customers to your pages. I know it can be tough if you are just starting out or looking to grow your traffic or just increase the quantity & quality of your traffic. We can help you build your campaigns to attract more followers and customers for you.

You need widgets if you’re going to maximize your social media content’s potential. Widgets are great tools that can rapidly increase visibility of site. This can also encourage re-tweets of your content, which can add to your amount of views.

One other great way to get your business’s name out there is to guest blog for others in your niche or have a popular person in your niche guest blog for your business. Celebrity marketing is also another way but can be expensive at any stage or phase of business at it keeps adding up. Alternatively guest blogging can help bring more traffic your way. Whenever you decide to guest blog on someone’s site, always include links that go back to your own site. You can start the ball rolling by being the first to offer them a link back to their site. This increases traffic for everyone involved. I am just mentioning some of the smart ways to get the name out there but there are more ninja tactics available and you might be using them too but do not ignore these basics ones.

Talking about Ninja Check out the Facebook game app platform for marketing ideas. It would be easy for you to create a game of your own that is related to your industry or your product. Some cleverly constructed marketing games on Facebook have gone viral. If you can afford it, have a professional design a game for you, and share it on Facebook.

Use LinkedIn’s blog feed application to automatically post your blog updates to your LinkedIn page. LinkedIn has changed so much in last 18 months or so its unbelievable. This allows your post to appear as an update on your LinkedIn page. This is a time saver, since you can reach your blog audience and your Linkedin followers simultaneously. I can go on and on about this for hours and hours but then don’t want to loose your interest either. :-) If you are interested in knowing more, please get in touch with me, I can help you grow your business.

What social media marketing offers business today is unprecedented and potentially explosive for profits. People are continually registering for sites like these and show no signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future. This means each day you have an all new audience full of potential consumers waiting for your message to be heard. You now know how to harness social media’s power to promote your business. Click on over to the busiest social site and start building on your success! To start with get in touch with us.

Just Get Started!

I hope I made it clear and obvious that you are missing out a lot if you are not using Social media marketing as much as you should or can as it has its own advantages. So if your business doesn’t use these advantages or don’t have the appropriate profiles, create them. Ask for help. We and many others are available to help. Basically just put up some good content and you will start gaining followers automatically. Ask for likes and shares to start with but know that there are better smarter ways to get them too. Be consistent and keep updating the content and you will get better leads, better SEO, and traffic which will convert and eventually you will get higher conversion rates. There is so much more to gain to it than just that and nothing to loose as it is Soooo cost effective. If you don’t do it you might loose like many major brands and even politicians are falling behind. Your competition is going to do it even if the existing ones are not the new ones are going to do it or most likely already are on social media, so don’t let them take your potential customers. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see growth in your business. We are available to help. Just a friendly call or message away. Cheers!




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