How Kapil Taneja Started his Business Journey?

Mr.Kapil Taneja is a successful business tycoon who founded Purple Group, a leading real estate development company with more than 20 LLPs and Private Limited companies.

Kapil Taneja- Chairman Purple Group

Purple Group was started with a small real estate agency in the year 2010 which currently is a prominent estate development company in Rajasthan. Kapil Taneja Jaipur established Purple Group with its main function of real estate, but now, he also runs his businesses in different sectors, successfully.

The Start of his Business Journey

Kapil Taneja was decent in academics but he always had a dream of his own business and become a successful businessman. In 1993, at the age of 15, this burning desire of Mr.Kapil Taneja about having his own business took him towards learning the skills to start a business from his uncle who used to run a hosiery business.

And, for the next one-and-a-half years, Kapil Taneja passionately focused on learning the art of doing business from his uncle and helping him in their business. And, in the meantime, he realized that the biggest asset a fruitful business can have is its employees and staff.

In 1995, Mr.Kapil Taneja started his first venture named as ‘Payal Garments’ at the age of 17, after putting his efforts of almost two years into learning the skills of running a business. It was a wholesale readymade garment business in Sikar.

Although this undertaking didn’t work that well for him, he started to learn such hard lessons right from this early phase of his life. He received experiences and lessons from his journey to go with strong willpower.

In 1998, Kapil Taneja bought his first share in Cadbury through which he experienced a profit of Rs.800/-. This was his first income. He continued with the share market trading for the next two years along with running his hosiery business simultaneously. Success and failures were coming parallelly all through his way.

In 2000, he suffered a great loss of around 5–6 lakhs from his both the ventures that were running through. But these losses could not stop him from achieving his goal of life. He continued and somehow managed to overcome with the financial losses.

Now, he decided to give himself another chance and acquired the sub-brokership of Nirmal Securities, in 2000. Nirmal Securities is a securities services agency in Sikar, from Rajendra Gupta. Around 17–18 platforms of Nirmal Securities were already up and flourishing in Sikar, at that time when Kapil Taneja acquired its sub-brokership.

So, he picked Shri Madhopur and at the age of 21, he established his security business in Shri Madhopur, in 2000. It didn’t work for him and even without completing a year, Kapil’s security business in Shri Madhopur crumbled leaving him in a huge debt of Rs.8 lakhs.

In 2001, he moved to Jaipur and established Payal Securities, and to everyone’s wonder, the company went on to make huge profits within a duration of only two years.

He now acquired the license for Motilal Oswal in 2002, and he became the only agent to distribute Motilal Oswal permits all over Rajasthan, in 2003. But hurdles don’t come to your door, knocking. He was cheated by his own employees behind his back with nothing left to sorrow and claim back.

This is how Purple Group was Founded

Kapil Taneja Jaipur started all over again from the scratch and included his brother, Ankur Taneja, in his business venture and this all took almost 2 years.

In 2009, he set up his first corporate office at Tonk Road and renewed his stock market association to trade over.

In 2010, Kapil Taneja acquired his first auctioned property by UIT in Barmer and forged a new path to success.

He laid the establishment of Purple Group in 2010 and took the biggest construction project — the CITY CENTRE in Barmer.

The success of the CITY CENTRE was followed by Panache in Alwar, which was originated in 2011 and is known as the tallest twin tower in Alwar. This astonishing journey went on and on with more successful projects one after another.

He is now developing the tallest building Melodia which is intended to bring the deluxe luxuries in one of the classiest localities of Jaipur, Vaishali Nagar.

There are other projects getting developed as well. With its construction business, Purple Group also own a blissful retreat property in Goa, named as Aura Goa.

Till date, Purple Group of Kapil Taneja in Jaipur has overall settled a construction of 20 lakh sq. feet approx. with more than 10 lakh sq. feet under construction. This rewarded him with numerous admirations in the Real Estate field.


This is the story of the Purple Group and how Mr.Kapil Taneja started his journey towards business. And with all the willpower and determination, how he managed to overcome the difficulties came along his way of achieving the primary goal of his life.