How to Get Others to Do Your Social Media Marketing for Free


I am sure you must be thinking this right now.

Why will anyone be interested in doing my social media marketing for free? Well, here I am talking about the virality of your content. Content go viral because people share them through their social profiles, on their websites and blogs.

The era of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Gplus have made it easier for companies and brands to get their content viral, the only rule is you provide quality content to the readers.

Providing quality content results in people being attracted to your brand, resulting in increasing in social noise for your brand. And mind it this noise can be huge for your brand.

So coming back to the question, how do you get other people do your social media marketing for free!! let me show you some social media marketing strategies than can help you achieve this;

1. Use twitter To Tag People

The tagging functionality of twitter is a great way to let community leaders, journalists and influences know what you are talking and tagging them will make them feel part of the conversation. They have huge followers and they sharing your content will generate the buzz you needed for your brand.

Remember much research is needed before to do such activity. A strong message to the right audience will resonate into a bigger result for your brand.

Here is an example social media strategy in action:

2. Offer Cross-Promotional Opportunities

Again I am repeating the same question….why will people do it for you. Why will someone promote your company directly or indirectly to their friends, family or audience?

By giving them the reason to do so. Offer beneficial cross-promotional opportunity to get your content viral. Create tie-ups with people or companies that can drive the audience to your brand. Give them what they want in return. A give and take relationship can take you and your brand a long way.

Here is an example of this social media marketing tip in action:

3. Reach Out To Journalists and Bloggers

If you have a huge brand following like Nike or Coca-Cola who has millions of people following you, print and digital media are talking about you all the time, then it’s not difficult to get your content reach millions through social media advertising.

But what if they don’t know you??

You have something much better to offer than Nike and Coca-Cola but people don’t know you yet, how will you get to them? The solution is to reach out to journalist and bloggers in your niche. Publish an article on their site and look how people will reach to your story.

Trust me, these bloggers and influences have been working for years and have created a niche for themselves in the market. When they talk about you on their site and on their social platform, your brand is sure to get good recognition and social traction.

However, make sure your content is really good. These people have a name of providing quality information and they will for any price not promote anything that’s not worth their audience.

4. Include Share Buttons on Your Website and Blog

People will not go an extra mile for you if you don’t provide them one.

Today, people are on the go ALWAYS. Provide them a channel through which they can share your content easily. Provide social sharing option and easy share buttons so that they can share the content on their social platforms.

5. Nurture Your Users….They Have The Power to Generate More

Relationships matter…both for personal as well as professional life.

Develop the relationship you build with your customers. They have the power to generate more for your brand. Help them build a loyalty for your brand by providing them much more value through your services and products. Nurture them and they, in return will bring to you quality leads, more customers, and much bigger brand awareness.

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