If you’ve been watching the news, you probably have heard about Apple’s recent triumph as the first American public company to surpass one trillion dollars.

Yes, that’s right: one trillion dollars! A whole sequence of a one followed by twelve zeros. Perhaps this doesn’t surprise you, but did you know that Apple was almost bankrupt around twenty years ago? This is where it gets interesting. You might be wondering how it secured such an enormous valuation now, so let’s take a few steps back and look at the company’s timeline.

1976: Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak Founded Apple Computers, Inc.
When Apple first started out, their only product was the personal computer. Several years after releasing the second version of their personal computer, Apple stocks were…

Whether you realize it or not, you probably do a brief sigh of relief when you see the “free wifi” sign at a storefront or cafe. The luxury of free wifi is just too great with the amount of information our devices can provide these days! In fact, the luxury has become so widespread that most people often assume wherever they are most like has a free guest wifi. But while your day may be saved by the strong signal, your information may not be just as safe. …

The IT Talent Pool is Getting Even More Competitive

One of the biggest challenges facing IT organizations today is hiring and retaining the right talent. The scarcity of IT skills in the general workforce coupled with the increasing competition to attract and hire that talent has many organizations worried.

According to Randstad, a global human resources and staffing solutions firm, and their 2016 Workplace Trends Report, of the 2,004 hiring managers and hiring decision makers they surveyed between November and December 2015, 55 percent say finding the talent they need is the biggest threat to meeting their revenue or business performance targets in 2016.

Bob Dickey, Group President of…

The fearful reality is that botnet and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks continue to scale up, not only in quantity but also in sophistication. Traditionally, the goal of DDoS was to take websites offline. However, nowadays cyber criminals are using DDoS attacks as a means to diversify and strategize a deeper and more damaging infiltration.

For example, according to the latest research by Neustar, attackers jumpstart a series of coordinated DDoS attacks with the goal of distracting IT departments. …

Being a football club owner in the Indian Super League (ISL) isn’t easy; just ask FC Pune City CEO Gaurav Modwel. As the chief of Maharashtra’s second ISL club, Modwel has plenty of experience in the game. Aside from running FC Pune City, he’s also the CEO of the Wadhwan Group.

But having all the experience in the world didn’t stop Modwel and his impressive team from letting down fans when they failed to qualify for the final four of the tournament in the last two consecutive years. These losses have left many wondering how Modwel and his stellar players…

As privacy becomes an even hotter topic across the globe, we are seeing news ways in which we are constantly failing to protect ourselves online.

A recent report from the Center for Digital Democracy found that several large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have either formed partnerships with, or acquired, data tracking and analytics firms in recent years, giving them access to a “vast storehouse of consumer data.” As these large ISPs align themselves more closely with data brokers to track their customers, web users will continue to be tracked to greater and greater degrees.

“ISPs have been on a shopping…

Chancellor George Osborne first announced the formation of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) back in November 2015 with the goal of making the “Britain the best protected country in cyber space.” The chancellor pledged a £1.9bn investment in cyber security over the next five years and promised to “aggressively defend” public services from cyber attacks

One of the NCSC’s first tasks will be to work with the Bank of England to advise the financial sector on how to manage cybersecurity “effectively”, the government has announced.

As Matthew Hancock, minister for the Cabinet Office, explained, “This important work with…

Yogesh Joshee

Yogesh Joshee is a licensed FIFA agent, IT Consultant, and Entrepreneur. http://yogeshjoshee.uk/

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