Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

“I think if you’re looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one?”
– Tim Cook, talking about the iPad Pro

“Because it doesn’t have a friggin Pro OS. A half-assed implementation of a stylus on top of an OS that was made for pointing at things with fingers or using a bloody subpar keyboard for interaction really might be fun for a 10-minute demo until you realize you have to get something meaningful done with it for 8-plus hour per day.”
- myself, talking back at Tim Cook about the iPadPro (like he gives a damn, but that doesn’t keep myself from giving a damn)

And on it goes in another few bullet points:
-there is nothing bad about evolutionary iterations, it’s just that Apple does try to force-feed the notion to the public that every time it is iterating anything, there has to be something really really revolutionary in the box and then, evolutionary upgrades could be pushed out at a higher frequency to lot less fanfare; all this “next big thing” is so bloody exasperating, especially if there is nothing big in the box
-the thing about the 13" MacBook pro without this bar (which might actually be useful): there is already a laptop without that bar, and it’s sitting there all on its own, why not call the 13" sibling a MacBook without the Pro?
-killing the Airs (or, as in the case of the 13" MBA, letting it die a slow and painful death by making it irrelevant)might not be that bad if the replacement for them, aka the 12" MacBook, offered all the features the 11" MBA had, which it doesn’t. No keyboard I can touch-type on 8–12 hours per day without firing off a volley of expletives every friggin 5 minutes after the umpteenth keypress has required me to go back and redo it because the lack of feedback from the keyboard had me thinking that I had pressed it, while I actually hadn’t
-no SDXC slot (well, the 11" didn’t have one either; and I am not only shuttling photos back and forth on them, but actually doing my Time Machine backups on a 512 GB card, and I would like that to be hourly and not just when I remember to plug in the bloody card reader)
-no 16 GB RAM, 1 TB upgrade / BTO option; one 15-min FinalCut project with raw footage can very quickly blow up to 50–100 GB, so how many does Apple allow me to edit in parallel, while they are not finalized and ready to be moved to my backup storage? And, no, buying a 13" that weighs almost twice as much in my rucksack and has a considerably bigger footprint will not happen

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