This is a terribly sad story.
Fragile Glass

Of course I don’t think he had criminal intent, and I do know shock (I have run the full gamut of training for paramedic in parallel to my job, just to be a volunteer paramedic, after I felt my reaction at a non-fatal accident years ago to be lacking), but still the fact remains that it was a hit-and-run and fleeing the scene of an accident is a crime.
It is just another indication that cars are only borderline controllable by humans, and it is little wonder: The laws of physics governing a 2-ton (or in the case of an SUV, more likely 4-ton) vehicle cannot be comprehended intuitively by non-professional drivers, and in borderline situations, all that counts is reaction and intuition, reason does not come into play. If reason sets in, that is where the realization and shock starts.
The 99.9% of the time nothing happens do not matter. If 0.1% of the time a bad decision is taken, someone dies or is mutilated, or just hurt as a consequence, this 0.1% is too much. It is typical human hybris to think everything is under control just because nothing bad is happening most of the time.

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