Part 1: Todo list using vue.js 3

This time we will set up our vue3 project.

So I thought, how do I use vue3, because before I used vue2, is there much difference or not.

Okay, bitch a little longer let’s try.
first, we will install vue3 using vitejs, who doesn’t know what vitejs is, find out first… hehe

Before installing vue3 make sure you have npm, okay.
first, we will install vue3 using vitejs way.

After the installation is complete, please open the project in the code editor, I suggest using visual studio code, after opening your code editor, open a terminal by (ctr + `), then type to run the project by:

Congratulations you have successfully installed vue3 and run it, next time we will start our to-do list project...

The final word
Thank you in advance for reading this article see you in the next chapter. Hopefully, this article can help friends in understanding new knowledge. I am also open to criticism and suggestions from friends.

Anyway let’s get connected: Linkedin



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