Before setting new goals or habits for 2018, do this first.

We are about to be flooded with ads and advice challenging us to be our selves in “2018.” <cue the eye roll>

Gyms will be packed. Budgets will be tallied. Houses will be cleaned.

Goals and habits will be set (and reset)….then forgotten in a matter of weeks.

Unfortunately, there is a crucial step that people skip, in a rush to move on to the next big challenge.


The point of pursuing new goals and habits isn’t to reach a fantasized end-point. The purpose is to live a meaningful life and as Alan Watts says “…to sing and dance along the way.”

The journey is the reward.

Before rushing off to set goals and resolutions, take a moment to examine the journey you have been on in 2017. What are you proud of? What have you learned? Who have you served?

Then, with this broader perspective, if you feel inspired to set an intention or goal for the new year, go for it.

P.S. Wondering how I reflect? Here is my year in review for 2016.