Respectfully I disagree Ravi.

I appreciate your comments Bradley, I think I remember you from some other blogs you commented on years ago (Alex Shalman’s, A2S and a few others) that I also used to read 8+ years ago.

Dreams and BHAG’s are important. I say that in my post. Without a vision, people (and businesses) fail as they can end up chasing a result that might not matter long-term.

However, it’s the concrete and right-sized goals that create results that last. I’ve worked with enough clients (coaching high performers is my full time career) to see this play out in the lives (and careers) and MANY people.

Drip by drip, little by little, massive change happens over time. It feels good to dream big and talk about big goals, but I’m more interested in results that last. That’s why after spending time dreaming BIG, it’s crucial to put pen to paper and make a SMART goal that is challenging but achievable. Inaction (doing nothing!) is the biggest barrier to success for most people. Taking immediate, small and consistent steps forward is the solution.

Specifically, my post is centered around the issue with New Years Resolutions. Too many people create wild plans with no basis in reality, struggle to achieve them and give up after 30 days. There must be a better way! I believe there is…

At any rate, I appreciate your opinions, and I’m open to the fact that somewhere here, we could both be correct. Would love to see a Medium post from you expanding on your opinion! Take care. — Ravi

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