I still remember the day as if it was yesterday. I had recently joined Evalueserve, a start-up firm in Gurgaon with dreams in my eyes. The year was 2005 when Gurgaon and Indian economy were taking shape, Gurgaon was on its way to becoming the Millennium city with swanky malls dotting the landscape and Indian economy was coming out of its rum shackles to become the flag bearer in outsourcing. Evalueserve was an exciting place to be in those days and it had recently started work in my field of Analytics; I was excited as hell when I got the offer and wanted to give my best to the job

My workplace was in First India Place office of Evalueserve where Analytics group was based, where I first met my reporting bosses Ayan Mukherji and Rohit Dogra; on first impression both appeared professional however I never knew how wrong my assessment was. Being young I was gullible and naïve that time and easily fell prey to the designs of these two treacherous men. Rohit had returned from Boston completing his second MBA and due to his influence rose to head the Analytics group while Ayan had joined from another multinational; both were drunk on power and got a high by dominating their subordinates

Since Analytics was a new group not many projects were underway which meant we had ample time on hand, which gave this duo of Duryodhan and Dushasan good time to screw happiness of those working with them. Ayan would ponder around my desk asking me all sorts of weird and uncomfortable questions, he would ask me questions on my personal life which had no bearing on work or Evalueserve. At first I thought he had noble intentions and was asking about my welfare but soon I realised he wanted what all men mostly want. Ayan had a newly wed wife who was a Home Science graduate from Bengal and maybe that was not what Ayan Mukherji could settle for ; I was alone in Gurgaon and easy prey for him. He would send me weird messages and often call me, all in the garb of work; once he landed at my place in one of DLF apartments where I was staying with my friends. I told him to leave at once and thankfully my friends joined me, he left soon and next day I discussed with other females about his unwanted visit. I realised that I was new to the place and did not have much evidence of his unsolicited advances, moreover this start-up would fire employees based on words of senior management so I sadly did not raise my voice, which I should have done

If Ayan was an unrequired nuisance then Rohit Dogra was a monster. Rohit had a sadist and monstrous streak in him which he used on his hapless new recruits. He apparently didn’t have much leadership experience, he was working at a junior level in US before returning back to India; he came from a decent family with his parents retired from Army and he had recently got engaged in Delhi. However that didn’t stop him from misusing his position to exploit newcomers, he would unnecessarily shout at new comers and exert his authority to display his dominance, his sadist streak did not stop there and I overheard stories that he would show his masculinity whenever given the chance. I didn’t know that the next one to present that chance would be me

I still have vivid memories of that evening; it was almost early night if not late evening when I was working to complete a client deliverable. I didn’t know that there were others from my team around and in need of help to complete that piece of work, I saw Rohit walk in to his cabin. I approached him asking for help, he first did not agree saying that was not his role but when I persisted he reluctantly agreed. I went to his cabin with my laptop to start work however what followed inside is something I would like to forget. Anyone who has been molested would never like to recall or describe in words on what happened and I am no different

I soon left Evalueserve and joined another firm, where thankfully I was reporting to a female. I soon left Gurgaon and moved to Mumbai which thankfully was a more professional city with fewer vultures around. After some years I got married and moved to US, where am now settled. My molester, Rohit Dogra has done well for himself, I read on LinkedIn that he is now Senior Vice President with HSBC

The happenings in my short stint in Evalueserve still rattle me no matter how best I try to forget them. Maybe jotting it down here will help me share with others and lessen the pain somewhat

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