“🌹Life and business lesson from steve jobs , that you needed right now”🌹…..

Steve jobs was born in San Fransisco on February 24 , 1955.
steve jobs was an extraordinary and very creative minded.
His creative and far- sightedness mind maded' Apple ‘ the second largest consumer information technology company in the world and world largest publicily traded corporation …
At 2014, Apple became the first American company ever to valued at more than $ 700 billions, and Apples worldwide revenue is $ 182 billions in 2014.
So , lets start our journey and gather more information …….

☺️Life lessons ::-

1. Never afraid to speak truth.

You always have to be confident and always be honest. Because honesty is a best policy.

If you are honest and supporter of truth . So no one in this whole world able harm you, so always speak truth.

2. Practical skills and life experience makes humans stronger.

More & more practical skills and life lessons are the great teacher .

They always give us very important lessons ,

Life takes test first then teaches us lesson.its a rule ..


3. Learn from others, because haters also sometimes teach us ::

You always have to be open minded, because knowledge comes from all directions .

So always listen then speak.

And sometimes haters also teach us something great .

So don’t afraid to learn from others.

4.collage is important but not so necessary ..

College is important, because it’s give us vital range of opportunity.

But it’s not so necessary because sometimes we don’t wants to drain our family savings .

5.surround yourself with positive and good peoples…

Always surround yourself with those peoples who have same vision.

They will always push you to your goals.

So always be with the good and positive peoples.

6. Obstacles are maded to overcome ::

Never afraid of problems , they are maded to teach you something great. Always be courageous and strong enough in your life.

7.Dont value money more than happiness..

It’s good to earn money as much as you want because we have massive amount of money on this planet,

But never value money more than happiness,

Happiness is good part of our life which comes in less amount so gather them as much as you can.

☺️Bussiness lessons::

1.Grow slow , but make vision for long.

Don’t be in so hurry to make your business profitable in a year .
It will take time , so be patience.

2. There is nothing more important than your customer:.

Remember that, your customer is your god. So they are very, very important.
Always be honest with them.

3.charge less and earn more.

You also buy things which are under your budget, so keep this in your mind

Charge less and make your customer happy.

Then you will able to earn more.

4.become stubborn for your dreams.

If your are not stubborn , you are going to give up very easily.
So , be stubborn.

5 keep your eyes on your competitors..

Always keep your eyes, on your competitors . See what they doing and what they don’t.

Then make strategy and work.

6.Be far-sighted. Make history and love what you do….

This is really help because you always have to love what you do , so you will never get bored.

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