Tornados, hurricanes and the calm of sea,

In one demigod the suitable traits have to be.

Strong as a horse, confidence higher than a tree,

And courage to face every situation with chivalry.

As the prophecy read, unknowingly a side story was being plotted along with the existing Rick Riordan novels, The Percy Jackson Series. The misleading handsome figure, with messy hair, green eyes and a never ending charm blocked your vivid imagination to see the actual traits that Percy, the son of Greek god Poseidon and mortal Sally Jackson possessed.

Percy as a twelve year old discovered the reason behind his ADHD and dyslexia, as demigod reflexes in battle field. These somehow guaranteed his presence of mind and good solution devising abilities. He, for instance, during his first capture the flag, battled against Annabeth, who is extremely good at sword while he was an amateur. He was observant in the later fights as well and looked for his opponent’s weaknesses to overpower them. He knew how to use his strength to his level best, and thus won against the god of war, Aries, in The Lightning Thief. Like an established entrepreneur, he was always open to challenges and welcomed each adverse situation with both smile and skill.

At the same time, Percy managed to secure a good image in the camp half-blood, though he was a child of the big three and posed dangers for the future. “Changeable like a sea’, adaptable, moreover, loyal towards his friends, family and necessarily, the good, Percy knew how to maintain relations. He constantly kept up with Grover and Annabeth. He wasn’t submerged in his own pride but floated high enough in those waters to bring everyone else down, literarily too. These qualities made him well connected and socially outreaching, as a CEO is supposed to be.

Having fifty percent chromosomes from his dad, the god of water, earthquakes and horses, Percy turned out to be strong and confident. He was always keen to learn and practice and soon accomplished mastery in sword fight with his mighty sword, Riptide. He could easily tame horses and pegasus depicting his calm but strong leadership qualities. Another incident portraying him as a leader is, his arrival with amnesia, memory loss in Roman Camp Jupiter. Even after his irrational fear of drowning, his weakening sword fighting skills and his tendency to make ambiguous choices, he somehow holds back his essence and becomes the praetor, head in the new camp. As we turn the pages of his stories, we find a boy with budding ideas who thrives on uncertainty and is continuously looking for opportunities to improve making him self-potent and capable.

Another episode of his chivalry is, him rejecting the deal to become a god where he was offered immortality, a throne amongst the gods and a permanent name carved in the walls of Olympus. This gamble could have brought him death. He didn’t look into the over raged eyes of Zeus, offended by his refusal but searched for his self respect and grew tall in the eyes of his friends. He chose his self esteem over anything and proved to be stubborn over a decision he took, just like one shouldn’t compromise his idea for a deal while establishing a start up. Considerations may be taken but not at the cost of originality. Because after all, it’s not the start-up that develops it’s you who do.

Percy not only proves to be goal oriented by completing his journey from America to Athens and way back, facing the monsters, the gods and the mortals but also proves to be skilled, brave and hardworking, by killing the Titans and Gaia. With such characteristics, Percy comes out be a perfectly knitted mind with a well balanced body for an entrepreneur. So the next time a fictional character comes your way, look for his hidden purpose to exist too.