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The weekend is just around the corner and here’s where we find ourselves:

  • At the beginning of the month, the RBA held the official cash rate at an all-time low of just 1.0%.
  • The ECB (European Central Bank), last night, drove interest rates further negative to -0.5%, they restarted their Qualitative Easing program (warming up their money printing machine) to the tune of $22billion per month and re-packaged their Targeted Long-Term Refinancing Operations (TLTRO) — giving sweet lending deals to banks so that borrow money from the ECB.
  • And last but not least, getting his FOMO on, the sitting US…

A brief look at how Blockchain will impact Legal Services and the questions that still need to be asked

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Image source: Michael Waraksa

The Legal industry is perhaps most known for its conservative technological stance. Paper-based filing systems, six-minute billing cycles and correspondence via traditional mail are just some examples of the “old ways” still prevalent in many of today’s legal practices.

However, rapid innovation is now occurring in areas directly relevant to the legal profession and it is paramount that practitioners and firms are not only aware of these changes, but actively engage with them.

Disruptive and transformative technologies aren’t something to be feared but embraced. With the exponential wave of new technologies, astute lawyers, legal firms and entrepreneurs will have unprecedented…

Why the real agenda isn’t what they say it is and how it will affect us all.

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It’s happened again and this time we really need to take notice.

4 Things You Need To Know:

  1. The Australian government is banning all cash transactions over $10,000, with recommendations that it should be lowered to $5,000 or $2,000.
  2. Based agreement by the G20 and guidance from the IMF, we will soon see the introduction of negative interest rates which means you’ll be paying to keep your money in the bank.
  3. These Bills are designed to funnel trap people into the banking system and keep your money locked up.
  4. And when another GFC happens and the Banks fail, guess who’s money they’ll be using to bail…

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There is a real and epic battle being played for the future of money with a winner still far from certain. Until now, it’d been mostly going in Ripple’s (XRP) direction and maybe to an extent Stellar Lumens (XLM); but it sure looks like Zuckerberg’s about to beat them all to the punch.

As we all know now, Facebook is set to unveil its own cryptocurrency called GlobalCoin; with a whitepaper due to be published on June 18. FB’s crypto-play will allow users all across the world to process crypto transactions through Facebook’s social media channels. …

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One of the most contentious and talked about news within the cryptosphere is Bitmain’s gigantic Initial Public Offering (IPO) which it intends to complete later this year. (Not to be mistaken for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)…Yes, Bitmain are really trying to go mainstream legit; so it seems)

What’s all the fuss about?

Bitmain operates the largest cryptocurrency mining pools worldwide; namely, and as well as a leading cloud mining platform called

It also currently leads the global blockchain industry in the production of integrated circuits for cryptocurrency mining and mining hardware under the Antminer brand.

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Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock

EOS has been hit with fresh allegations of possible insider trading by Block Producers concerning the availability and price of Random Access Memory in its network.

Based on current EOS RAM prices of 0.8 EOS/KB; 128 GB on would cost approx. 102 million EOS! (Feel free to work out fiat conversions of that)

Random Access Memory (RAM) is an extremely powerful and critical resource for all blockchains as it determines not only performance but also scalability.

In computing terms, it is the hardware in a computing device where the operating system (OS), application programs and data in use are kept…

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) have become a very useful capital raising tool for start-up ventures. All over the world new companies and eager entrepreneurs have raised billions of dollars of much needed (and sometimes unwarranted) working capital to fund their idea to fruition.

With the recent rise in mainstream popularity of cryptocurrencies and the ever-present swirl of exit-scams, cybertheft and allegations of market manipulation, governments everywhere, are making financial crypto-regulation and compliance a top priority.

The main focus for Regulators has been to ensure the safety and security of the average investor.

The very nature of blockchain is one of…

How to quickly evaluate an ICO or Token Projects

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The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market is not showing any signs of abating. The statistics are staggering. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2017, more than $4 billion was raised via ICO’s. This figure continues to grow with recent reports of upwards of $2.3 billion being raised in the first few months of 2018.

ICOs have proven to be an incredibly rapid new means of fundraising, as evidenced by multiple strong issuances so far this year.

For the first time in recorded history, fundraising has been democratised; allowing non-traditional upstarts, without traditional-backed equity and armed with open-source production processes…

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The recent surge in Bitcoin and alt-coin popularity has many investors seriously considering the inclusion of crypto-assets as part of their Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) investment portfolio.

As Cryptocurrency is still considered in its infancy and with regulatory legislation still being debated on, SMSF Trustees must be extremely careful to ensure any investment made in cryptocurrencies does not result in a breach of the Superannuation Supervision (SIS) Act.

There are specific key legislative areas that SMSF Trustees must consider prior to making an investment in cryptocurrencies. …

Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit, but it’s what you do at that moment that determines who you are.” — Anonymous

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Getting stuck is normal.

For the most of us, it’s the usual suspects; money, freedom, time and sanity. We live in such a rushed world filled with expectations which we impose on ourselves and those that are heaped on us by our friends, family, co-workers, bosses and peers.

What matters is how we deal with it — can we get back up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again?

Sometimes though…

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