Abby’s boudoir photoshoot

Yohann LIBOT
Dec 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Many of us are not confident with our bodies. Our clothes cover us day to day, and we get accustomed to getting our confidence from our clothes, makeup, and accessories. However, confidence is something that comes from the inside out, and not vice versa. When we feel confident with ourselves, it radiates. It makes us feel more secure, whether we are wearing clothes or not.

The standards of beauty change from decade to decade. The outside world sets certain standards that all of us should be able to live up to, in order to be considered beautiful. However, we should be able to break beyond that and to be ourselves — openly and truthfully. And boudoir photoshoots are an excellent way of stepping out of the expectations and to find the confidence in ourselves.

Being a model for an intimate photoshoot requires confidence, the real confidence within and not the confidence that comes from clothes. For models, it is a vulnerable experience that allows them to find something more. Looking at photographs of boudoir shoots allows the person looking at the photo to find many emotions. It is not about displaying clothes, expensive footwear or the body. It is about what the model is trying to tell you with her expressions.

Boudoir photoshoots are intimate photoshoots, where the model is wearing underwear, very little clothes or none at all. They are not about exploiting the human body, but rather about capturing a moment of fragileness, sensitivity, vulnerability, and openness. When the model does not have clothes to hide behind, they have to bring out something within themselves. This is not always easy. My camera catches everything — not only what is directly in front of it, but any emotion displayed as well.

I recently had a chance to do a boudoir photoshoot with Abby in Montreal, Canada. Abby is a very beautiful young woman, inside and out. She took on the intimate photoshoot with professionalism and ready to display her deepest emotions to my camera. And we captured some extremely breathtaking photos. In Abby’s photos you can see a confident, brave and vulnerable young woman.

When I photograph intimate boudoir scenes, my goal is to catch the emotion and feeling behind everything. The photos are beautiful and I love to play with shadows and lights. The black and white photos fit in a wonderful way with boudoir shoots, as it makes it even easier for the person looking at the photo to catch what the model was feeling and what she was trying to display. Hazy photos with a calm and peaceful feeling, black and white, make everyone stop and look at the photos for a minute. As a photographer, I feel very accomplished when a person stops and looks at my photos with genuine curiosity and wonderment.

For me, taking photos that inspire, are beautiful, uplift spirits, rise discussion and are noticed, is very important. I get my inspiration from so many things, and the play of light and shadow in black and white photos is one of them. There is so much to work with, and so many different creative views to take. I hope that by looking at Abby’s photos, you will also stop and take a moment to absorb the feeling and emotion behind everything. I hope that you, as well, will take the time to appreciate the beauty, peaceful creativity, genuineness and openness that make these photos so precious and wonderful.


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