Dubai — The mysterious city in the United Arab Emirates.

Yohann LIBOT
Dec 17, 2018 · 5 min read

This is the city where all thousand and one night stories come from. Mysterious, luxurious, beautiful, exciting and interesting. When you think of Dubai, you’ll probably instantly think of amazing beaches, luxurious shopping malls, and possibilities, huge hotels, wonderful food, and camels, of course.

Dubai is all those things! But much more…

In Dubai, you can experience something you could never experience anywhere else. Paragliding, water amusement park, jeep safaris out in the middle of the desert. You can play tennis sky-high, or enjoy diving in the beautiful, blue ocean. Hotels provide luxury, restaurants create amazing atmospheres and offer delicious food to all travelers.

Overall, traveling to Dubai has become increasingly popular. And it is absolutely no wonder, as this beautiful vacation spot is anything but boring. You can encounter luxury cars as well as camels on the road — where else could you possibly see anything like this?

However, when I recently traveled to Dubai to photograph this amazing city, I looked at the city with different eyes. I could have photographed the busy life of Dubai, all travelers, packed beaches, camels, exotic animals, and buzzing restaurants. But that is not what my purpose as a photographer is. I prefer to look at the world with different eyes and provide different views with my photographs.

I decided to photograph the buildings of the city. I took photos of cranes that build up the city of luxury, so a viewer can get behind the scenes of Dubai. You can also see photos of big skyscrapers and even one of the biggest malls in the city. These sky-high buildings alone tell a lot about what Dubai is all about. I even caught a boat ride with a local man, so I could take photos of the old city, outside of the “new” city.

Visiting the desert was most definitely one of the most beautiful and interesting experiences. I caught three big SUV’s next to each other — like you could expect to see in a commercial. Before anything else, I wanted the person looking at my photos to be able to see Dubai with a different set of eyes — because there is always more to the city and the country than what meets the eye. At least at first glance.

Each city and each country wears a veil. It is like they have set up a stage that performs a play for the audience. And the audience loves the play. They come back again and again to see it. They applause for the actors. But how many of the member of the audience actually wonder what goes on behind the scenes? What happens backstage? What will the city look like when the veil is lifted?

That is exactly what I was wondering when I was sitting in the audience. So I took a tour of the backstage to see what else is there to this amazingly beautiful and exciting city. And I discovered so much.

I hope that every person viewing my photos of Dubai will look at this city the way I see it: deeper than the surface. It is so easy to get lost into what everyone else sees, and so hard to take a different view of the world. My photos of Dubai are quiet, they don’t scream the business that goes on in the streets or the beaches. They are beautiful, full of something new. Should you ever visit Dubai, I hope that looking at my photos will have given you something new to look forward to in the city of a thousand and one tales.


Yohann LIBOT

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