The shots of the beast — European tour with Get The Shot

Yohann LIBOT
Dec 3, 2018 · 6 min read

Music moves people in so many ways. So, it’s no wonder that capturing the moments of passion and scale of feelings that music brings is something interesting. Music is healing, it brings people together, feelings to surface and unites people from all over the world. Some weeks ago I followed a hardcore band, Get The Shot, on their European tour called Unleash The Beast.

Thousands of people, loud music, crowd cheering, excitement, passion, energy — I capture all that from behind my camera. When the band is playing, they are in their element. Their fans are eager to hear their favorite songs. All of this captured in one photo — a photo tells more than a thousand words.

Get The Shot is a Quebec Hardcore band with a very strong image, hard(core) music and specific purpose. They have been unleashing the beast on their Europe tour and followed by fans, who are dedicated to hearing their favorite band play across Europe.

I had to document the Unleash The Beast tour by photography. It has been an interesting, passion-filled and uplifting experience — all of which will further inspire me in the creation and development of new projects. I travel the world photographing people, culture, and events that give me a sneak-peek into something unique — such as this tour.

Every new experience and everyone I meet gives me something more to work with. Get The Shot inspires, moves, energizes and most importantly, they love their fans, and their fans love them.

The photos I’ve taken of them during their European tour will let you in on their journey and make you feel like you were there too, in the middle of the stage, seeing what they saw and feeling what they felt.


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