Decenternet: iST coin launch, Hook messenger updates & Osiris web browser

Products providing a very persuasive and intuitive user experience have been launched which include: ST Foundation’s Hook Messenger and Decenternet Osiris web browser. These are created to restore the trust of the clients by availing much better transparency of rewards, elimination of dishonest fees, and a far better functionality as opposed to the traditional social media platforms.

The ST Foundation’s Hook Messenger.

The South Korean firm that is known as ST Foundation officially launched the hook Messenger which is driven by Blockchain Technology. It has already been tested by various people and currently spreading very fast in Asia. It can be utilized and enjoyed by all users even those that are void of the knowledge about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

The benefits of ST Foundation’s Hook Messenger

-Financial rewards are granted fairly to the users
-Ability to provide a real-time translation into messages
-Integration into the Decenternet’s Osiris Net Neutral Browser
-Strong social media capabilities
-Fun and dynamic due to its Instagram, Facebook, YoutTube like functionalities and like features
-Anyone can become a powerful influencer on the go
-Crypto wallet and payment gateway integrations
-Strong cost efficient e-commerce platform for the masses


The Hook Messanger is backed up by crypto known as “IST” token. This token is already listed on the major exchanges and you can acquire it on Bitforex and Digifinex. Going forward IST will soon be listed on more exchanges. The Android version of The Hook Messenger is already available and for the IOS version will be out soon. The hook Messenger is swiftly and steadily spreading in Asia.

The browser is a necessity regardless of whether an individual is using a desktop or a mobile phone. It is a default messenger for the Osiris for convenience purposes implying that the users of Telegram, Whatsapp, Wechat, KakaoTalk will as well enjoy its experience. This is the reason why the analysts are predicting that the Hook messenger that is driven by blockchain technology may be adopted by the masses quickly without them having to spend time learning about Blockchain.

Decenternet’s Osiris Browser

Decenternet’s Osiris Browser is providing one of the most powerful and compelling consumer experiences in the market. Within its ecosystem is the idea of liberty and financial freedom that is establishing a fully integrated online economy. Osiris is structured to gradually usher in the realization of a planetary grade information network and a decentralized financial infrastructure that is borderless, permission-less and free from corruption and oppression.

Osiris browser has the following Merits:

  • Hyperspeed browsing, running 3 to 8 times faster than traditional web browsers.
    -Blocks all ads that are intrusive. For instance, you can watch YouTube for hours without any ads interruptions.
    -Osiris web browser saves you money by preventing unnecessary data charges used by intrusive ads (videos, banners and malicious scripts).
    -The Osiris Armor AI blocks all attempts to steal sensitive private information from the user.
    -Removes all monopolistic revenue streams that don’t bring the user any value. If the user agrees to watch ads while using the Osiris, the Liberty Ads network is designed to pay the user real money (fiat) when he watches ads, real money through the Universal Basic Income.
    -Deep mining solution: The end user can use his PC as a Crypto miner when not using the browser.
    -Anonymous browsing
    -It is powered by Ddecenternet’s “Spyce” cryptocurrency which is backed by gold.


Note that;

  • The Osiris web browser will be available within a week or 2.
  • The Spyce token is currently not on sale but will be made available on February 2nd

About Decenternet

Decenternet (abbreviated as DNet) is given by description as an alternative P2P permanent hyperspeed neutral decentralized internet infrastructure platform solution that is unbound by politics and oppression. Once it begins to run, it’s unstoppable. It’s cost-friendly, much faster, proliferates net neutrality, protects your privacy and withdraws the influence of corrupt intermediaries without having to request permission from any central organization. Decenternet ecosystem entails various core assets such as DNet web hosting, the blockchain native Spyce, Liberty Search Engine, and the Osiris Net-Neutral Web Browser that create a completely free web system which delivers profits directly to the participating peers without the exploitation of an intermediary.

For details visit the following sites:

Decenternet website
Osiris Browser
ST Foundation


The information provided in this blog shall not be taken as financial advise but for education and entertainment purpose. Please endeavor to do your personal in-depth research before considering to invest.