A Single Woman’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s day 2017

Posted on February 12, 2017

It’s that dreaded day again, February 14th. Many couples will be spending this day showering each other with affection, gifts, and enjoying their relationship. And what will you be doing? Watching 50 Shades Darker on firestick while cozying up with your favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream and wondering why you’re spending another valentine’s day alone. Here are 4 tips on how to survive Valentine’s day 2017 with style and grace.

Survival Tip 1: Identify the Real Problem

Self-reflection is a necessity for growth. Look inside and ask yourself is your hate for valentine’s day is really about you being tired of attention seeking couples blowing up your news feed or is it about something more. Do you feel unworthy of happiness if you’re not getting romantic attention on this day? Has society’s standards for women to be in a relationship and have children overridden your common sense, that your worth doesn’t come from your relationship status? Are you being a bitter Betty on this day because all your close friends are in happy loving relationships? If you silently answered yes to any of these questions you have an unfortunate case of low self-esteem.

Women are the most powerful creatures on the planet but when you add loneliness on top of a ridiculous societal standard they turn into desperate, self-loathing, attention seekers. Don’t be that woman. If you’re only happy when you’re in a relationship you will waste months and maybe even years of a beautiful life being filled with discontent all because it was not your time. As hard as it is to believe, there is more to life than being with a man and having his beautiful babies. But that is the predominate narrative Disney movies have given us for years. The truth is quality men aren’t attracted to women who only think they have quality when they’re in a relationship. Instead of being disappointed with your relationship status on February 14th, do some soul searching and find out why so much of your happiness is impacted by it in the first place.

Survival Tip 2: Enjoy Yourself

So often we forget that there is more to life than finding and maintaining relationships. It is easy to quickly spiral into a mundane routine while single which causes us to desire relationships even more.

Don’t be a boring basica! This Valentine’s day consciously decide to enjoy yourself. Go to a museum, host a craft night, go to the movies with friends, go wine tasting, or create your own new traditions. Don’t allow your happiness to be paused while waiting for a man to come along. Men are naturally attracted to women who have their own purpose, hobbies, and sources of joy. By making plans to enjoy yourself on this day instead of staying at home and drowning in depression, you will use that energy in a positive productive way and will have a better day.

Survival Tip 3: Smile Bitch

Life is too short to be miserable over irrelevant holidays and men especially. This Valentine’s day challenge yourself not to say anything negative about February 14th. As crazy as it might seem, some people are un-attracted to your negativity!

A bitter Betty’s low self-esteem radiates miles away and can be noticed by everyone she crosses paths with. Desperation, bitterness, and jealousy are all unbecoming qualities in a woman. When you broadcast your discontent you put yourself in a chronic cycle of being bitter and un-attracting people and then being more bitter because people are un-attracted to your personality. Make a decision to not be that woman this year.

Survival Tip 4: Get Some D

I know it’s what we all want on valentine’s day but no not that kind of D. Get some dignity. So many women will spend this Valentine’s Day on a date with a man they only think is half way decent just because they don’t want to be alone on Valentine’s day. If you care that much about a holiday that you would drop your standards you have to rethink your priority’s.

There are other women who have too much dignity to go on dates with losers but not enough to keep them from writing two paragraphs worth of self-pitying sprinkled with emoji’s on social media.

Tie your hands up, delete your accounts, whatever you have to do to keep from being the grown woman crying about not having a Valentine on Facebook.

Lastly there’s the woman who’s been single for years and can handle it well until that third glass of wine hits and she remembers all of the good times her and her ex had. Have enough dignity to recognize a closed door and stop trying to beat it down. Don’t call him, don’t text him, don’t “check in to see how he’s doing”. Because catching up can quickly get you caught up and who really wants to have drunk bad sex with their ex who probably has another woman he’s seeing.

Now that you’ve been equipped with the skills necessary to snatch hearts with grace have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

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