Dear White People

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be the oppressor instead of the oppressed

To kidnap entire villages and beat them to death

To tear apart families and leave what’s left of them hanging from a tree

To privatize correctional facilities and lock them behind bars for a dime bag of weed

To limit their access to education, loans, and financial literacy

and then when their lagging behind to tell them it’s Cus their lazy

To belittle, to demean, to tear away their hope

To make sure they have some of the highest rates of diabetis, hiv, heart disease and stroke

To copy their style then tell them that their wack

To rip them from their heritage and and instead label them a color, Black

To burn their history and make them build yours

To chain their necks and sail them over shores

To caricature them in movies and plays

To rape their women and make the mixed children house slaves

To kill them and get administrative leave

To minimize the sufferings of minority’s

I wonder what it’s like to see the world through your blue eyes with blonde hair but how would I figure

what’s it like to be the devil instead of a nigga

Sometimes I wish I had a heart like you as cold and numb to the pain you cause

As evil and ignorant as y’all president, as deliberatey wrong as the confederate flag

I wish my God let me act like that

I wish my God would let me kill y’all boys and touch y’all hair

or be like you passive racist and not say anything cus when your privileged you don’t care

I wish my God would let me invade your countries and drain your natural resources and then wonder why the country is broke

I wish my God would let me act like you folks

I’d make America great again, I’d own a company

I’d hire 3 percent people of color because I care about diversity

I’d be a liberal shit I would I would even love rap

But would I love y’all ? Now you know the answer to that

I’d say how my grandparents were immigrants and worked hard to live the life they lived

I’d ignore the fact that all white people benefited from this injust system.

I’d be named something like Tom or Matt

and my baby would be named Bella,Becky, or Apple but Deseasn oh no I can’t pronounce that

I’d like adventures, dogs, and long walks on the beach

and on the weekends burning crosses while hiding under white sheets

I’d be terrific a physical manifestation of evil

but God didn’t make me that way he made white people

copyright 2017 ©

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