“Fire feeds on obstacles.” ~Marcus Aurelius~

For a while, I extinguished that fire in me, in exchange for security (which turned out false)—as a high-schooler I shunned cold, calculating rationality; welcoming a lifestyle of minimum-restraints instead. In my later college years, I had been pursuing the opposite path. I dumbed-down myself, compromised my passion, played it safe and unimaginative.

It didn’t work.

I should’ve known better than dismissing the yin-yang dualism of stuffs in my life as mere mumbo-jumbo at short notice. Progress, it seems, depends on the clash/combination of paradoxes: Evil and good. Lofty and practical. Rational and irrational. Creation and destruction. Courage and fear. Nonsense and common sense. Cosmos and chaos. Certainty and uncertainty.

In dread of uncertainty, sparks of creativity seems much harder to be lit in our heart.

It’s in the face of uncertainty that we can put to test our resolve on doing what we love, achieving our aspirations, and living the dream of whatever means most to us so as to define our true self (our ‘core’)—so as to state our reason for being.

Every time I fail, I shall be grateful for the experience to learn from the mistakes I’ve made.

Sorrows I may indulge, but i shall not get overwhelmed by them. Instead, I’ll acknowledge it and let it, eventually, go in peace. I would thus rekindle my spirit as a phoenix does; rising from the ashes of oblivion and soaring yet again to seize the day.

I shall do each of my every endeavor by embracing future uncertainties; be willing to accept seemingly contradictory aspects of the world with open mind—while keeping anchored still to reality, cultivating just enough reasonableness to get by.

Let’s be steadfast in carrying out whatever we believe to be our true calling, defending it as if our life depends on it. Fight fear of the unknowns with utmost conviction, with the audacity to flips the bird at the fact that we are merely tiny specks in this universe, soon to expire—for so long as we live and breathe. Be idealistic in ambition yet pragmatic in execution. Burn all obstacles and pass the torch for posterity. May all beings be happy.

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