Salad making to me is like art, always end up with something new in terms of taste and presentation. Some recurring questions I get from my friends is; What is that unique taste I got when I ate your so & so salad? Are you allowed to mix ingredient X with ingredient Y?

My answer to them is salad making has no set rules, and not strict recipe to follow to the T. I am by no means a chef or an expert cook, but I have been making and eating salads long enough to have a framework in place so I can assemble most healthy ingredients to enhance the taste and not feel bored when consuming them. …

I recently shifted to Sydney from Bangalore. When I go for walks by the beach in Sydney, the coastline is so beautiful I itch for a drone. Its a total splurge, I know. Besides I cannot justify if I would use it frequently or it’ll simply adorn my shelves. I wish “Znatta” was here, the super-cool start up from Bangalore which is a savior from making impulsive & regretful gadget purchases.

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Flying a drone here would have been priceless. If only…

Making decisions with limited or worse no information is hard. Its not preferable to make a leap of faith when undoing what has been done is difficult.

No, I am not referring to marriage. May be I am. What if I am? What if I told you: “You can marry a person just by seeing their photo on a social networking site, by seeing the number of likes the photo had or by swiping right”. I would be asking someone to make a big decision by providing incomplete if not incorrect information. The data at hand is just not good enough to make a decision. Traditionally, thats how we have all been purchasing gadgets, like marrying a stranger.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” — Dalai Lama

I was an avid reader in my early teens, but the habit withered away because of textbook education. Studying for performing well in tests/exams seemed more alluring than reading for pleasure or for new learnings.

And then the Internet happened in my life, bringing its pal social media. …


Yojana Menda

Product manager interested in #fintech #lending #creditrisk #neoBanking. Ex-Tala, PayU, Atlassian, Cybrilla. Yoga enthusiast, gardener and recipe tinkerer

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