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I recently shifted to Sydney from Bangalore. When I go for walks by the beach in Sydney, the coastline is so beautiful I itch for a drone. Its a total splurge, I know. Besides I cannot justify if I would use it frequently or it’ll simply adorn my shelves. I wish “Znatta” was here, the super-cool start up from Bangalore which is a savior from making impulsive & regretful gadget purchases.

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Flying a drone here would have been priceless. If only…

What is Znatta

Making decisions with limited or worse no information is hard. Its not preferable to make a leap of faith when undoing what has been done is difficult.

No, I am not referring to marriage. May be I am. What if I am? What if I told you: “You can marry a person just by seeing their photo on a social networking site, by seeing the number of likes the photo had or by swiping right”. I would be asking someone to make a big decision by providing incomplete if not incorrect information. The data at hand is just not good enough to make a decision. Traditionally, thats how we have all been purchasing gadgets, like marrying a stranger.

Bangalore based start-up Znatta.in solves this problem thoughtfully. It allows the customers to try and rent some of the high-end gadgets before deciding to buy them or not.

Why Znatta is pretty cool for gadget lovers and everyone

Gadgets(eg. drones, go-pro cameras, fitbits) are definitely a splurge with a depreciating value and one just cannot make an impulsive purchase. Also, Indians make very cautious and conscious choices based on ‘value for money’, ‘cost per wear’ and ‘resale value’ etc. before making a high end purchase.

Also, in the case of gadget lovers the sense of gratification of buying a new gadget lasts only till a bigger & better successor or competitor arrives in the market. So most gadget lovers look for various ways to recycle (sell, donate or discard) old gadgets before coveting new ones, and recycling electronics is very difficult. Znatta solves this conundrum for gadget lovers by allowing them to rent the latest gadgets and enjoy using them thoroughly without having to buy or own them.

For those who are not hard core gadget junkies but intend to buy a product the process today goes something like this:

  • Have a wishlist of ‘to buy products’
  • Read the reviews thoroughly on CNet or Flipkart or Amazon
  • Spend countless hours in office browsing & reading about these gadgets
  • Spend valuable weekends going to nearest stores to finally get the hands on the product. If you are lucky you’ll be blessed with a smart sales assistant else end up in busy stores with half-assed and angry store staff
  • The visit to store ends only in two ways — either you succeed in making the purchase or come out with “rage/dissatisfaction/information good enough to buy it online”
  • Online purchase feels fruitful when a killer discount of 90% happens

Next time try a new loop and save the time, effort and peace of mind. New age purchasing be like:

  • Make a wishlist
  • Fill the rent form, make payment
  • Wait for the product to get delivered at your doorstep
  • Use it like a sir

How has my experience with Znatta been

I first used Znatta when I went on a vacation and needed a GoPro. Some of my best underwater moments got captured and treasured because of GoPro. I was able to procure the camera in the first place because of Znatta ❤

I personally would have never purchased such an expensive camera for two simple reasons. A — I would rather rent stuff I use occasionally than buy it as I see it as ‘value for money’. B — I hate the clutter caused by items that I would use once a year but requires care-taking or maintenance.

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There is something for everyone. I would love Znatta if:

  • I am a virtual reality enthusiast so I itch to try the oculus or other VR gear
  • I am a professional photographer and/or blogger so keen on trying out the drones, latest cameras that hit the market. I need them for short assignments or projects
  • I am training for a marathon, a fitness freak so wish to give the fitbit a spin
  • I want to gift the smartwatch to my partner but I want to try it first to check the stickiness and usefulness of it first
  • I am a minimalist and environmentalist so I don’t want to own electronics. I wish to leave a greener footprint by renting them when I need them ☮️

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