F*ck You Billabong. Seriously, f*ck you.
Karen Knowlton

Thank you for writing this. I am an avid surfer, first in Hawaii then in New Hampshire and Maine where I grew up. I can say that what you are saying is plastered on the walls and imbedded in the culture at every surf shop in the North East. I can also take this message one step further in saying that there is almost zero representation of people of color in the the advertising and media industry of the surfing world. There are little to non pictures of where surfing originated (Hawaiians were banned from surfing on their own beaches and competitions after colonization), or of the cross global communities that go unrecognized who are taking surfing to the next level. Putting up a picture of Eddie Aikau and Ishita Malaviya in the dressing room is hardly representation compared to how many models go up that probably don’t even surf. Every model is white, has a certain look (skinny, long limbed, gorgeous hair, nice tan), and yes the women are never on the water. If they are in a youtube video then they have to shake their hair and their a** first. Not only does the surfing industry, advertising, and media, say women are sex-objects, but it also says we are a segregated, exclusive community.

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