Jumping into the void,

One morning you wake up and you see that your whole life was built working for someone else, contributing your talents and giving everything to you. Then you look at your wallet and you realize that you were not fairly rewarded and you get angry with yourself and everyone.

It is there, at this moment when you must use your anger, your frustration and all your anger to focus on you and your dreams.
The years have passed and you no longer have the same energy as 10 years ago, but should be cautious.

Now you must start with zeros, the only thing that accompanies you is a big box full of experiences. You have now neither the time nor the energy to give yourself room for fear. Jump into the void and dare to reinvent yourself. Move on. Demand it, try it once more or as many times as necessary, but, do not stop fighting for yourself.
Jump to the void, try again. Not everything is for money, dignity also counts.