Free time from nothing

I really have only a few free time. The most of the time takes work and other everyday stuff like cooking and time on the road. But where can I find a time for reading, learning and experimenting? These things are important parts of my life so I don’t want to lose them. So I started to think about possible sources of free time.

What I’ve got? The first I’ve thought about my way to work and back: it takes about two hours a day. The most of the time I’m going on foot and about 40 minutes a day I go by trains. I’ve thought that 40 minutes is a good time for reading e-books or new articles — web is full of things which I always haven’t time to read. What about the rest of time? 80 minutes of free time. I can’t read on the go, but I can listen to something! I prefer podcasts.

So I got two hours of free time from nowhere. Isn’t it good? But what about experimenting? I found time for them too : )

Sometimes I have boring work or just too difficult task to make it fast. Often in these cases I find myself surfing the internet, reading news or twitter, etc. This is procrastination. Can it help me? Yes. Every time when I face it I ask myself: if I don’t want to make useful work right now — what I want to do then? And often I find that I want to play with code — to try some new things or write some crazy stuff. So instead of news and twitter I can play with CSS and SVG — another piece of free time! : )

Is procrastination good or bad? It depends on of way how to use it. I can do nothing and then I feel ashamed and guilty because of wasting time. Or I can make a couple of demos, or though I try to make something new — it’s significantly better. I caught procrastination and make it the source of free time.

Free time from nothing — wonderful and very useful thing.

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