Invest in potential new users for the sake of your company futur

You may have heard it from a colleague or a manager when exposing her/him with a project “never done before” ( in your company ). “I think the customer you are targeting are not our main target, we should focus on better satisfaying OUR customer first.” While this assumption may make sens at first, the reality of not taking care of users you do not yet satisfy will fire back at some point. Understanding this rather sooner than later is key in the longevity and health of your business.

You cannot rely only on your safe customer persona, especially when you are a big player in your field. Healthy growth is bound to be made out of new customers. These new users have other needs & dreams and probably do not come to you for a good reason. The challenge lays in keeping your historical customer while gaining trust from brand new users. It does not necessarily have to be with a new product our a new business model. Sometime selling differently like Amazon books is doing for Amazon can do the trick.

It does not necessarily have to be with a new product […]

Forget the customer, think user. It is certainly not a new concept for you, that when you focus on your user, you make better products or services. When companies look too close at their customer and their short term turn over they tend to make mistakes. GoPro is probably living such situation. Apart from its technical problems with its latest product, the company failed to convince new users and that’s one of the problem pulling them down. So many retailers are closing stores in the US lately. Once again one of the main reason is not trying to conquer a new public by fear of loosing the security of the usual customers. We could go on and on with exemples of company failing to see what’s passing in front of them. But how can big corporation avoid falling in that trap ? One of the key is for them to consider users rather than customers through all the possible interactions. Users are indeed customers at one point but more importantly they have higher expectations and dreams about their global experience. Corporations that started considering this point of view can now develop an omnicanal experience from the user dream, through the buying experience, to the use of the product and further. Hence probably transcending the concept of historical customer by showing to new potential ones that the experience also fits their dreams. The bet is that when you increased your market number of customers and their happiness, your turn over should follow.

Forget the customer, think user.

The concept may seem easy on paper. But for bigger companies that have established strong grounds on their local market, they have to break through strong corporate beliefs and fears. “ What if we scare off our good old customer by changing something in the shop layout ?” While it is a real challenge, this should not stop you as your company is in a greater danger in the long run if it does not adapt. Hire among your users and the users you would like to sell to tomorrow. This is probably one of the key to a safe transformation toward a healthy futur. Not only they will help you bring innovation to what you think you know but they well pass on the good word to these new users.

Hire among […] the users you would like to sell to tomorrow.

This is not a text about why you should forget what has been making the success of your business. It is more of a call to action for companies who often tend to lean too much on what they already know. So honor the past and build upon your strong skills. But also adapt and go find growth through new users you thought impossible to convince.