The Ecstasy of Evolution

Yolanda Drewell wearing a red hat and striped coat with fur collar.

When you’re young, you’re constantly moving forward into unexplored territory where everything is new, and everything is exciting.
Cast your mind back to how you felt in your first relationship or job, your first pair of high heels, your first car.
No doubt you felt alive, excited, nervous.

When you’re young, you’re constantly inventing yourself — learning new things, discovering who you are, what you’re capable of.
Life when you’re young is automatically geared towards evolution.
And, to the young, there is nothing but the present.
And a future that’s full of promise.

But then something happens.
We get to a certain point which is not always obvious to us, and we stop inventing, and we stop evolving.

We get wrapped up in the comforting comfort of the familiar.
Or we’re faced with a circumstance we weren’t prepared for.
We start to get fearful.
We start to live in the past.
And the future is often filled with trepidation.

We look at our bodies, faces and lives, and we see that age has crept in, and removed the youthful promise.
Or we think it’s the beginning of the end.
Or life has dealt us a difficult blow and we lose confidence.
Or we don’t really feel anything. We go about our business, laughing about how time flies and oh-to-be-young-again.

We totally miss the incredible opportunities that life continually gives us to continue to reinvent and become our 2.0.
New and shiny.
Exited and alive.

Opportunities such the dawning of each and every day.
Every day is an opportunity to start again.

Opportunities such as every week.
Every new week is a chance to reinvent.

Opportunities such as every month, every birthday (particularly big birthdays).
Opportunities such as divorce.
A new relationship.
A new job.
The death of a loved one.
Surviving a life-threatening illness or event.

All of them — divine opportunities to reimagine, reset, revive, reinvigorate.

All of them — divine opportunities to reinvent as much or as little of ourselves and our lives as we want.

Heed my rallying cry.

Do not let another day go by without setting the intention to evolve in one way or another.
Remember the ecstasy of evolution.

Give yourself the gift of reinvention.

Plan and create as many opportunities for renewal as you can.
In your outfits.
In your daily activities and how you do them.
In your exercise.
In your relationships.
In your career.
Your travel goals.
And your community.


You will discover that the ‘glow’ you thought belonged to the youth is a reality for your once more.
You will feel a fire in your belly.
You will look and feel amazing.
You will do fabulous things.
You will be in inspiration.

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