"What is life?”

If you asked this question to the 9-years-old me eleven years ago, I would’ve said, (with a high pitched of child voice) “I don’t know. To play?”

If you asked me on my teenage years, I would probably say “to love.” (don’t ask, it’s embarassing, I know)

And if you ask me now,

I would say I analogize life to a bunch of choices.

To take or not to take the chance

To do or not to do

To leave or not to leave

It is as complicated as that.

After all, each alternate create some aftermath.

So I would also say, life is a series of consequences.

Whether it is a tragedy or serendipity.

We may not know how we come all the way here, but we destine how’s our life would be.

Like an elephant left the ivory when it dies, so does men leaving their mark upon the world.

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