The three at home

First off no they can’t all be in one picture that would make my life to easy so thank goodness for photo grid apps. The twins through us for a loop I’m pretty sure that what twins do to families no one really expects it but hey it’s fun right?! In my opinion yes most of the time at least, now anyway. So as the older boys (20 & 22) are moved out and into their own places you won’t be seeing or hearing to much about them, but we have three at home two first graders and a 7th grader welcome to the crazy house…

I’m a CNA and have some of the best clients ever and since it’s my private practice so to say I only choose the best I have two wonderful ladies as of right now one just turned 90 and the other just turned 93 both such amazing women who not only crack me up with their craziness but also give me so much wisdom I love my job almost always, of course there are times I want to run away screaming as you will probably hear but mostly they are another part of this wonderful life of mine. Most of my ramblings (blog) will include what I’m going to call ‘senior funnies’ as these women inspire and make me laugh daily

So my job and my children then there’s my house which will have two cats and one dog and of course an amazing husband who I don’t know how this house could run without, he is the cook and likes a tidy house I on the other hand like to work and play hard who has time for a clean house not me but I love a clean house so I’m thankful to my husband who finds those daily tasks important …

so I will end with my senior funnies

Today SR 1 (whom I will relate to as the 90 year old since she is my first client) I get to work at in the am and she up and sitting at the kitchen table with a slice of 🍰 BIG enough for two people mind you I usually make her breakfast every morning and I’m not late! I ask her ‘so we are having cake for breakfast’ with which she replied ‘well yes it’s the only good I could find that sounded good but are there eggs can you make eggs to go with my cake?’

SR 2 (recently turned 93) while helping her with the errands for the week she signed an electronic screen and week we all know what a pain those are! Well her name wouldn’t fit to which she asked ‘can you erase that and let me start again I only got the first few letters and its SUK I don’t suck’ of course I can’t help it and just burst out laughing 😂 the stunned checker looks and me and starts in to SR 2 says ‘what I don’t get the joke'

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