My 2016 Soundtrack

I really plan on not paying much attention to album releases this year. I instead made the decision to revisit music that I fell in love with in the past and make that the soundtrack of my 2016.

Hiatus Kaiyote — Tawk Tomahawk
I fell in love with this band in 2012. I randomly discovered the music video for the song above and listened to it that entire day I believe. There has never been a musical act that has made me feel more emotion than Hiatus Kaiyote since then. And Nai Palm (lead singer of HK) is the only women to this day to have me at hello.
Wun Two — Rio
Wun Two’s work is what I’m shaping my life to look like right now; simple but powerful. He’s the embodiment of less is more.
Hinds — Leave Me Alone
This record is chock full of nothing but good vibes. I ALWAYS find myself dancing when I put this on. This video for the song above is FLIPPIN GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
Grizzly Bear — Veckatimest
When I first heard the drum beat of this song I was instantly engaged. His drumming on this whole album is frakin bananas (Shout out to Gwen Stefani for never letting me forget how to spell bananas) Christopher Bear has come to be one of my favorite drummers and is in my top 5 list of drummers I would faint over if I ever met them. His name is could be more fitting for this band.
Tyler the Creator aka Felicia the Goat — Wolf
This record is ignorant, adventurous, colorful, cinematic and so so personal. I haven’t forgotten the journey that this album took on when I first heard it from start to finish. Looking forward to the new things its has to offer me in 2016.
Enya — A Day Without Rain
Over the years, Enya has helped me find peace and solace in times that I thought attaining those things wouldn’t be possible. AND whenever I would do yoga, Enya was ALWAYS in the rotation.
Lee Hi — First Love
I couldn’t choose one song to display when it came to lee hi. At the time this record came out she was 16/17 years of age. Such a talented individual. I know all the words to the songs even though I don’t know what half of them mean. Regardless of this album being 95% korean I still have a very strong emotional connection with this album.
Paramore — Brand New Eyes
My first time experiencing paramore was when I say the music video for decode on mtv (back when they play music videos all day.) After hearing that song I IMMEDIATELY went to Limewire and downloaded everything that they had to offer. This album hits me HARD. I can also play every single song on this album note for note on the drum. Zac Farro is a BEAST!


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