Before You Judge My Practice. Step on Your Own Mat

When we first step on our mat, we are like babies taking our first steps.

We learn to connect our breath to our postures and our mind to our breath.

The difference with babies is that they don’t judge themselves if they fail. They just do “it.” Over and over again. One might say they are practicing.

In the yoga tradition the word practice refers to the physical postures of yoga also know as asana (posture).

Those who practice are just, well… practicing. It’s just a practice. We don’t have a goal of perfection in mind. At least we try not to. :)

We just practice- Which can be a big challenge for many.

The physical practice of yoga can serve us in many ways, besides the popular and adored physical strength and flexibility it manifests.

It also gives us the opportunity to quiet the mind over and over again as we practice the postures. So that we may one day do the tough posture. The one that scares us. Over and over again. Without judgement. Without opinion.

This is yoga. This could be life. You choose.

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