So this one time at a journalism conference…
Heather Bryant

Having spent my early life as a working cowboy and then a heavy equipment operator, I feel a connection with your husband.

In my thirties I moved into the tech industry on the infrastructure side and in a few years became a product specialist and inside sales guy. I sat around board rooms with the IT Directors, CIOs and other administrators. The perspective some, but not all, people have sitting at the top of the org chart is fascinating. If they never spent time in the trenches doing the jobs they now manage, there was usually a huge disconnect. If they worked their way up the org chart, they understood the people who worked for them. The had an empathy those who came fresh out of business school, or came from an admin background, never could.

To quote my buddy, who was sitting around the family diner table of a girl he was dating, when her family asked what he did for a living, he said he was in construction. They said, “Oh, you mean like a carpenter?” they asked with a certain amount of disapproval in their voices. My buddy responded, “Well, it was good enough for Jesus.”

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