— My father (Augustine Paz)
John A. Paz

That’s a useful mantra, John Paz and Augustine Paz. It’s really interesting because I was introduced to a similar mantra last Summer as I started going deeper into my meditation practice. It honestly is a very freeing concept, I get it and I’ve shared it with family and friends, too. (I also suggest a mantra which envisions one thriving to their greatest potential, right here on Earth, right now.) You highlight something as well that is very much a source of my internal struggle, and that has to do with the fact that I can’t speak to my own father’s mantra for life because our relationship is non-existent. This is something I’m still working out mentally, all these years later. Ironically his absence instilled a source of strength within me nonetheless, much of which is also a credit to my mother and environment. But that’s too why I appreciate your perspective, John. As I’ve told you before, I admire the relationship you have with your father. It is a true blessing and it brings me joy to see. Thanks for sharing.

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